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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I’ll be Back,I Promise

Crunch time on the Mine Project is eating up all my writing time. Here are a few quick takes on things that have caught my eye over the last couple of weeks

  • Since when is it news that Al Gore is a hypocrite? Isn't he the one who got rich off of tobaco farming until it became a political liability?
  • So Strom Thurmond's family owned slaves. Is this really shocking to anybody?
  • Message to Iraqi President Talabani: Before inviting Iran and Syria in to help solve your domestic difficulties, you might want to check with Lebanon and see how well it worked for them.
  • To all those who are crying since Don Williams resigned from the KNS: Give it a rest. He hasn't had a hit since Amanda anyway.Yes, I know it's a different Don WIlliams. To tell the truth, I'd much prefer the singer to the reality challenged rantings of the columnist. But he's found a home at Knox Views where I'm sure he'll be welcomed with open arms. The columnist, not the singer.
  • The Oscars rewarded Al Gore with two awards for his slide show "What I did on my 8 year temper tantrum after that weenie head George Bush stole my job." It's hard to blame Al for being peeved, though. Getting your hat handed to you by a "moron" like Dubya must be pretty embarrassing for the guy who invented the internet.
  • By the way, now that Al Gore and Michael Moore have Oscars for documentaries, how long will we have to wait before Keith Olbermann gets a Pulitzer?
  • Isn't it funny how liberals are against carbon abatement allowances for the US, but for them for themselves. What's that word again?
  • Why is it that on 24 Arab terrorists are always the pawns of European masterminds? Isn't that racist? I demand to see an Arab terrorist murdering innocent women and children on his own responsibility, as an autonomous member of the world community.

    It's only fair.
  • Sanjaya and Antonella are proof that looks triumph over talent, even at the top. Neither one should have made it to the final 24, much less past the first cut. And the guys might as well go home now. None of them come close to stacking up to Lakisha or Melinda.
  • The Knox County Commissioners have selected an ethics committee. And there was much rejoicing. yeah!
  • Could Tennessee's State Lawmakers as a group be proof positive that intelligent design isn't real? After all, would God really design such stupidity on purpose? I don't think so!
  • Speaking of stupidity, it looks like Scooter Libby might actually be convicted of lying to cover up for the fact that Dick Cheney did not out Valerie Plame. Accordingly, his sentence should be to not go to jail for 4-8 years. Or some such nonsense. By the way, wasn't it the Democrats who told us for the last 8 years or so that perjury wasn't really serious?
  • As for William Jefferson being given the chair of Homeland Security even though he's under indictment for accepting bribes, we should have known Pelosi wasn't serious about draining the swamp. Like most slimy reptilian carnivores, it's where she's most at home. Besides, it's un-PC to call it a swamp. It's a wetlands. And when have you ever known a Democrat to be in favor of draining a wetland?
  • David Geffen accuses the Clintons together and Hillary in particular of lying too easily and being too ambitious. Just in case you needed more proof that perception is not a prerequisite to produce movies.
  • Speaking of Hollywood idiocy, Leo the Cap said during the Oscars that Hollywood has always taken its social responsibilities seriously, which is why he'll be starring in the upcoming American Pie 6:The e Coli Strikes Back.And yes, there have been 5 American Pie movies. It's the Police Academy of the new millennium. Except not as funny. I never thought I'd be longing for the triumphant comeback of Bobcat Goldthwaite.
  • Joe Lieberman is toying with the idea of caucusing with the Republicans if the Democrats press forward with attempting to cut financing for the troops in Iraq. I'd just as soon he stay an Independent. Go with your convictions Joe. If you want to switch, do it. Don't make it a power play.
  • In the 60s and 70s, protest music was all about forcing change on the world. Now, we're just "waiting for the world to change." It's sadly pathetic isn't it? There's a reason why the protests are lead by old folks; they have more drive than the young ones.
  • I'm so tired of political hacks and morons on both sides of the Moebius aisle (looks like it has two sides but really only has one through a distortion of three dimensional reality that only politicians and professional journalists (Not you Michael) can master) that not blogging should have been a relief. Instead, the disgust built up inside befouling my mood until I had to vent it onto you, my loyal readers.

I feel much better now...

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wecome Back, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! etc etc etc

The holidays are over, and as you can tell from my first post back, I'm in a peachy mood and filled with optimism, peace, joy, and love for my fellow man.

Or maybe it's just gas from the eggnog.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays as much or more than I did, although as presents go, it's hard to beat a beautiful grandson. I'm quickly discovering the joys of grandpappyhood, chief among them being the ability to pass Mason off to his mother for required maintenance. It's like being able to afford to take your new car to the dealership instead of trying to change the oil yourself.

More good news; we don't have to listen anymore to Michigan fans whine about not being allowed to lose to Ohio State again, thanks to USC. On the downside, the SEC is 0-2 against the Big 10, who by the way still haven't figured out how that 10 + 1 is not 10 anymore, which means we'll have to listen to ESPN brag for another year.

The Muslims showed their ecumenicalism by giving the world a Christmas gift when they sent Saddam Hussein off to meet Allah in person. You know, as much aid as we're giving them, they could pay a little bit back by teaching us how to make death row a short stay facility, instead of a rent controlled condo.

Today we learn that there's an investigation being launched because some of the men guarding Hussein may have taunted him as they lead him to the gallows. Obviously this is a problem, because Hussein should have been treated with all the humanity and respect he deserved. Unfortunately, feeding him toes first into a wood chipper was ruled out as being cruel and inhumane.

Gerald Ford achieved a greatness in death that he was never granted in life. It's odd how a man who during his life was remembered only for falling down a flight of stairs is suddenly one of the greatest president who ever lived. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but does it creep anybody else out how much the Democrats are fawning over a President who really was selected, not elected?

James Brown died, and I'm sure his last words were "Good God!"

I went to see the Rocky movie and was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't planning on going, but the buzz was strong enough I decided to check out a matinée, and I'm glad I did. I'm not going to do a big review, but I will say that the name of the movie should have been called Adrien.

The Democrats are now saying that in the spirit of bipartisanship, they're going to let the Republicans take the first few weeks of the next session of Congress off while they ram their agenda down America's throat pass the measures that are most desperately needed to strengthen our country. Like federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

And global warming has gotten so bad that we're now airlifting hay to feed cows in Kansas because they're snowed in.

So, did you miss me?

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Few Things I’ve been Thinking About

  • Can you say "Third Party President?" Lamont the Cable Guy git's 'er done in the Connecticut primary. Think about this. A guy with no government experience other than being on his town council defeats one of the most accomplished Senators in US government, a man who 6 years ago was the Democratic candidate for Vice President. Lieberman's politics have not changed in the last 6 years; he's still a big liberal. He was defeated on one issue only; the war. Unlike most in the Democratic fold, he has not fallen into the coma of denial. The funny thing is that many in the Democratic Party are rejoicing in Joe's defeat, not realizing that they are alienating the vast centrist majority in their party that gave Clinton 8 years in office.

    If you want to know how the Democrats will do in 2008, take a quick look at the 2004 Dean campaign. YYYYEEEEAAAARRRGGGGGGG!
  • But Don't Call Them Terrorists Those terrorists that don't exist and pose no threat to the US so we should leave Iraq, ignore Iran, and tell Israel to leave those nice Hezbollah folks alone were just caught trying to pull another playful prank on the aviation industry. Those mischievous little scamps were caught trying to bring explosives onto planes so they could entertain the passengers with an in-flight fireworks show.
  • Media Bias Doesn't Exist And I'm currently Photoshopping the pictures I need to prove it!
  • Old Dictators Never Die They just go into the hospital and vanish from the view of mortal men. Fidel Castro is lunching with Osama bin Laden in hell right now, but we won't hear about it until Raul figures out how to make his temporary power permanent. After all, he doesn't want to fall in a bloody coup.

    Like the one his brother led.
  • Embracing MADnessWe read from some on the left that we shouldn't worry if Iran gets nuclear weapons because of the good old MAD doctrine of the Cold War. While it's nice to see that the left has finally realized the validity of the doctrine, and are willing to put it into practice, unfortunately, this isn't the Cold War. Here's the thing. MAD depends on two things. First, both sides have to realize that any nuclear exchange will result in both sides losing. Or as Joshua put it, "Strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?" Second, and this is key, both sides must believe that nuclear annihilation is a bad thing.

    Neither of these requirements exist when considering a nuclear Iran! In the first case, in order to respond to a nuclear attack, you must first be able to identify the origin of the attack. If terrorists exploded a nuclear device in New York Harbor, or in the middle of Tel Aviv, how will we know who to bomb? We've still got folks believing that Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9-11 for goodness sakes! Our friends in the Democratic Party have made it very clear that they will do everything in their power to acquiesce to any terrorist act, no matter how vile. Heck, an Muslim can go on the streets of a US city, gun down several Jewish women, loudly proclaim that he did so as a response to Israel's actions, and we debate on whether he was a terrorist or not!

    Come on people! Terrorists are defined by what they do, not who they are affiliated with. The guy targeted civilians in order to make a political point, and attempt to influence US policy. That's a text book definition of terrorism! But no, in America, we call him "troubled."

    In the second case, we have to remember that Jihadi's want to be martyrs. They want to die in the service of Allah. In the words of the late Richard Pryor, "They can't wait to get back to Allah. And take about 12 [expletive] with 'em." An apocalypse in the Middle East would suit them just fine. As long as Jews die and Israel is destroyed, they're happy.

    Think about that for awhile.

    There's a third factor at work as well. MAD also assumed that the two combatants would be unhampered by third parties. In the case of US v USSR, that was a valid assumption. There wasn't anyone else big enough to intervene. But let's suppose that Ahmadinejad gets his wish and Iran acquires a few nukes. He then follows through on his vow and lobs a couple at Tel Aviv. Israel will of course respond with its own nukes right? At least, they will if the first strike didn't take out their response capabilities.

    But what if Russia steps in and says that any Israeli nuclear reprisal will be answered with Russian nukes? What happens then? Does Israel launch anyway? Will we get involved, and tell Russia to back off or we'll respond? Or will we argue that the damage has already been done, there's already been too much bloodshed, and that we must "constructively engage both sides in a quest for a lasting peace?"

    I can see a scenario where Muslim extremists can launch a nuclear attack on a US ally, and the US will do exactly nothing about it, and if I can see it, then so can the Mad Mullahs.

    So much for MAD. Once again, the left is using the tactics of the last war to try and fight the current one.
  • He Has the Power! No, not He-Man; Joe Lieberman. Judging by the reaction of many Democrats to Lieberman's decision to run as a Democrat, either Joe must be like kryptonite to left wing whack jobs, or the Democratic Party in Connecticut must be a fragile thing indeed. Why else would the netroots be in such a frenzy, demanding Joe drop out and not run as an independent? Normally nobody worries about independent candidates; they never win. But if an independent Lieberman has the power to destroy the Democratic Party in Connecticut of all places, then what does that say about the strength of the party?

Now I'm off to take my licensing test!

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

No, I didn’t run out of things to say…

just the time to say them in. So here's a quick catchup post
  • Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest
    Good movie. I saw it with Luke at 1AM on Saturday morning, and we both loved it. Amazingly, I've read some blog reviews that blasted the movie for daring to have a plot. I liked the fact that it wasn't a by-the-numbers sequel. It may have helped that I went into the movie knowing that the third one was being filmed; the abrupt ending didn't bother me in the least.
  • My friend, Katie Allison Granju is getting married
    I wish her and her family the greatest happiness.
  • Italy wins the World Cup
    Based on the games I saw, there's a very simple reason why it's so hard for non European teams to win in Europe. It's called corrupt referees.
  • How the left does Hunger
    Apparently, some of the Peace in Our Time crowd has decided to follow the lead of Mahatma Gandhi, and go on a hunger strike to bring the troops home. Of course, when Gandhi went on a hunger strike, he stopped eating. Our liberal buddies see no reason to do something crazy like that. They're planning a rolling hunger strike, where people don't eat for a day, and then pass it on.

    Their dedication and sacrifice is truly inspiring, isn't it?

    Poor deranged Cindy Sheehan writes that

    I find traveling out of the country very challenging being on a fast. When I was on a layover in Madrid on my way to Venice, Italy yesterday, the closest thing I could find to a smoothie to get a little protein was a coffee with vanilla ice cream in it.

    Her dedication and gutwrenching agony is so moving that I almost don't have the heart to point out that vanilla ice cream and coffee are not sources of protein.
  • Paging William Gibson; the Present is Catching up to You
    A man paralyzed from the neck down can control a robotic arm and a computer cursor with his mind, thanks to a chip implanted in his brain. I want a remote for the TV implanted in my head so the kids can't lose it.
  • Not Big Brother, but Big Nanny Part 1
    Who decides what treatment your kids should have when they're sick? As I've posted before, if you think it's you, you're wrong. Because the kid decided he didn't want to go through the torture of chemo, the state of Virginia is taking him away from his parents, and forcing him to go through a treatment not of his or his parents' choosing.

    Does anybody else find it odd that a 16 year old girl can elect to have an abortion without her parents knowledge or support, but a 16 year old boy can't choose what course of treatment he wants for his cancer?

    It only makes sense if you realize that in both instances, the state is overruling the basic rights of parents to raise their children.
  • Big Nanny: Part 2
    With all the bad stuff going on in the world right now (See below) it's good to know that our federal government is on the job to protect our tender ears from the unrestrained vocabulary of our professional athletes. Yep, the FCC is checking tapes of live sporting events to see if they can pick up any examples of naughty words. That's exactly what I want our guys in Washington doing. That's so much more important than anything else we've got going on.
  • Big Nanny: Part 3
    The federal government can't protect us from illegal immigration, but they're all over the internet gambling problem. The House of Representatives just passed H.R. 4411(pdf), which bans internet gambling. Every one of Tennessee's Representatives voted for the bill, which leads me to an interesting question. Did we send them to Washington to do what we told them to do, or so that they could tell us what we can't do?
  • North Korea Launches missile
    There are some who are saying that even though the missile was aimed towards Hawaii, it's not a big deal because it failed. Well, I don't know about them, but if a guy takes a swing at me, I don't consider the fight to be over because he missed on his first punch.
  • Islamic terrorists show their peaceful natures in India
    I know it's fashionable to link the terrorists actions to religious fundamentalism, then mention that we can't be too smug since w ave our own Christian fundamentalists here, but I can't recall the last time a Christian fundamentalist group slaughtered over 200 innocent people for the crime of riding a train.
  • Iran continues to defy the world on nuclear development
    The deadline has come and passed, and Iran is still enriching uranium, thumbing its nose at the UN and the EU and the US. I know, this isn't really news; everybody knew they were going to do it. I just thought it was worth mentioning. Besides, I'm still waiting for somebody to explain to me just why Iran, sitting on tremendous oil reserves, needs nuclear power plants. Are they that concerned over global warming?
  • Since we're talking about Muslims Gone Mad ™, let's talk about Hezbollah and Hamas
    It appears they are working together, supported by Syria, to increase attacks on Israel. Now, last time I checked, Israel unilaterally moved out of Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon. Obviously, the nutjobs in the Palestinian territories were outraged at being given everything they'd asked for. While else would they now be attacking Israel from Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon?

    Israel is behaving exactly as anybody would predict; they're fighting back. Hard. It looks like there may even be a formal declaration of war in the very near future. Given that Iran and Syria have a mutual defense pact, if Israel attacks Syria, we can expect Iran to get involved. And if Iran gets involved, what will we do?

    North Korea. Iran. Lebanon. Syria. Pakistan. And Israel.

    The conflict is going global.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Flotsam and Jetsam

From time to time, instead of a long, intricate piece on a single subject, I get in the mood to write just a few lines about a multitude of subjects.

Immigration. Ok, let me get this straight. The President's plan is to build a 300 mile fence to guard a 1700 mile border, and then invite approximately 92 million people to come in over the next 20 years. With that plan, we may need every bit of the 1400 mile gate Bush left in that fence. By the way, according to the San Fransisco Chronicle, 10% of Mexico's population now lives and works in the US.

That's not immigration; that's a migration.

Katrina Recovery Despite being the only thing in New Orleans that failed faster than the dikes and levees, Ray Nagin has been re-elected as Mayor. But it should be okay; hurricanes don't hit the same place twice.

Wait, that's lightening, isn't it?

Uh oh.

English is the Official Language Wait, it's not the "official" language, but the "national" language. Wait again, it's not the "national" language, but it's the "common and unifying" language. Okay, it's not even the common and unifying language; it just happens to be the language we all speak because we're all racists and too ignorant to realize we should all be speaking Spanish.

Back to New Orleans According to Drudge, the DNC (Dean's Nutjobs and Cranks) worked to get Landreiu elected instead of Nagin, and despite raising 3.3 million to Nagin's 0.5 million, lost abysmally. This is the same organization that claims it will be able to regain control of the House in November.

Anti-Immigration Policies
[Foreigners] can't hold seats in either house of the congress. They're also banned from state legislatures, the Supreme Court and all governorships. Many states ban [foreigners] from spots on town councils. And the Constitution reserves almost all federal posts, and any position in the military and merchant marine, for [natives]

No, this isn't a description of the House Immigration Bill, called xenophobic by Mexico's Vicente Fox. It's a description of the immigration policies of Mexico.

Dixie Chicks Release New Album The new single vanished from the radio before the album even went on sale. Is it due to mediocre musicianship, or is it a backlash from theirpolitical posturing? At the time, the Chicks claimed that the backlash from NAtalie Maines comments was non-existent. I'm bettting they change their tune as their new album slides down the charts faster than Bush's approval ratings.

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