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236 Years is a Good Run

It's over.

Not the election; that's not what I'm talking about.

And not this blog, although this is my last post.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would do if Obama won re-election. This is not a snap decision, or an emotional reaction to a crushing defeat.

Mitt Romney won roughly half the popular vote, indicating that half the country believes we are on the wrong path and that Obama is the man responsible. Half the electorate felt that Benghazi, and Fast and Furious were more important than binders, bayonets and Big Bird. Half the electorate felt that Obama's, well, it's hard to call it a plan since we don't know what it is, vision was the wrong one for America. Half the electorate believed that what he wanted was antithetical to America's best interests. If a few more people, just a few thousand, had voted the other way, we would wake up in the morning to President Romney.

And I would still be writing this post.

Because the other half of American voters have looked at the past four years, and are happy with what they see. The President that brought us long term unemployment at record levels, the lowest workforce participation rates in decades, the most anemic recovery in history, $5 trillion in new debt with who knows how much to follow, quantitative easing as a permanent economic policy, disregard of Constitutional checks and balances, and the replacement of the rule of law with the rule of a man has won re-election. And all he had to do was promise to take money from those who earned it and give it to those who didn't. The American electorate has spoken and they are in favor of continued handouts from the federal government paid for by imaginary money printed out of thin air.

The character of the American voter has changed irrevocably. That smoke won't go back into the bottle. The people, bless their hearts, will continue to vote for the candidate that promises them the biggest slice from the public coffers and the smart candidates will give it to them in order to win elections.

Until, of course, the coffers are empty. Until there are no more wealthy people to tax.

Check out Greece if you want to know what comes next.

It won't be the politician's fault though. They'll find somebody else to blame when the money is gone; probably the rich because they are a convenient target. It won't be their fault either, but they'll take the blame because we, the people, will never place the blame where it truly belongs.

On us.

After Obama was elected, Michelle said that for the first time, she was proud to be an American. I guess that makes it fair for me to say that tonight, for the first time, I am no longer proud to be an American.

Not because we elected Obama, but because we knowingly re-elected him.

If it makes it easier for you to believe this is about race, as my former friend did, then so be it. If you want to believe this is just sour grapes, or an emotional reaction, fine. Believe what you want; it doesn't matter to me. What you or anybody else thinks about me is the very least of my concerns now.

You see, I know what comes next. The confluence of our politics and our economic policies can only lead to one place. I hope I'm wrong and that the current crowd of idiots in DC can accomplish something that nobody else in the history of the world has been able to pull off, but I'm not going to bet my life on it.

I believe we are heading into a time that will combine the worst parts of the Great Depression and the War Between the States. Making things worse, as America weakens, crippled by debt, a moribund economy, and a feckless foreign policy, I expect external attacks as well, not of conquest, but of destruction.


If I were a Republican in Congress right now, my strategy would be simple. Give Obama everything he wants. He wants Card Check, give it to him. Cap and Trade? No Problem. An open door immigration policy with full amnesty? Coming right up! A revised tax code that forces the wealthy to pay their 'fair share,' to be defined of course by the federal government and the size of the deficit? At your service sir! Wage and Price controls to make sure that people don't make 'too much' money? What a brilliant idea!

Give him everything he wants. One of two things will happen. The progressives will turn out to be right, and we will have the most prosperous, secure, plentiful lives in the history of America, Or they will be proven wrong yet again and have nobody to blame for it.

And for those who believe we have a duty to stand up for the people and to work in their best interests, just point back to Nov. 6, 2012 and remind them, "This is what you voted for. This is what you wanted."

At last, people would come to realize that fiscal sanity is not selfishness; it's just good common sense.

On second thought, never mind. The media would still find some way to blame it all on Bush.


Like I said, I hope I'm wrong; but I have to plan as if I'm right.

Reading over this post, it seems overly melodramatic, but I don't see anything I really want to change. Hard times are coming, and a smart man will prepare. I think I've got 2-3 years as we slowly coast down to desperation, but I am an optimist. A freak storm at the wrong time, a failure of that national power grid, or some other catastrophe could easily cause things to go south faster than I believe.

But they will go south. No country has ever been able to print their way out of a spending problem. Here's a quaint little fact for you. Paul Ryan's budget, the one Obama and the Progressives claimed was draconian , unbalanced, unfair, and would cause tremendous suffering if implemented, did not reduce spending by a single penny. It reduced future planned increases in spending, but did not ever bring spending below current levels. His plan resulted in deficits that were slightly smaller than Obama's, but still massive.

If picayune reductions in spending increases were demonized so strongly by Democrats and the media, then what are the chances that we will ever get spending under control in DC?

The answer is simple; we won't. We'll keep piling on debt, funding it by printing money, until the dollar breaks.

So I'm going to get ready for the day the bottom drops out.

Some people call it going Galt; others call it dropping out. This isn't a protest thing; it's a lifestyle change. I've got to prepare for a time when the things we take for granted, like food, shelter and electricity, can no longer be taken for granted. I call it being prepared.

I wish you all the best of luck. My biggest hope is that four years from now, I can sheepishly come back to this blog and admit I was just a little crazy that night, that I was overreacting.

But again, I'm not betting my life on it.

Take care.
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