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300: The Movie

It was the scene during the council meeting where Theron rapes Queen Gorgo for the second time. A voice rang out in the theater, "He must be a Democrat."

OK, it was my voice.

The comparisons between Greece during the Battle of Thermopylae and today's society are inescapable, and friends and neighbors, we don't come off so well. Can you name any national leader that would not have knelt to Xerxes? Any at all? And I'm not limiting this to American leaders. Is there any leader in the world today that would have had the guts to stand against overwhelming odds, knowing that they would go down in defeat, but doing it anyway simply because it was the right thing to do?


And for the sake of argument, should such a person exist, could he be elected to any position of authority?

The answer, my friends, is no.

Compromise is the name of the game today. Bipartisanship is the way to go. Forget principles; the only principle that really matters anymore is "Go along to get along." The only time our "leaders" stand on principles is when they want to raise the asking price for selling out those principles.

Fanboys in the audience may clap and cheer at Leonidas' courageous stand with his 300, but as for emulating him, forget about it. They're too busy being XBox heroes to be bothered doing it for real. It's much safer that way. If you look to 300 to see a reflection of ourselves, check out Ephialtes the traitor. Ugly, useless, and weak, his is the face we would see reflected in that mirror.

Can you imagine what would happen if that battle took place today? The Greeks were encouraged by the brave men who died at Thermopylae. We'd see the same thing and cry for mercy. Think of the headlines:

"Our troops routed at the gates!!!"
"President's policy leads to disaster!!!"
"Foreign juggernaut is unstoppable!!!"
"Give peace a chance!!!"

The talking heads on TV would go on and on about how we should be trying diplomacy, and that the enemies who slaughtered nations weren't really bad guys, and that we should try to understand them instead of killing them. The minority party in Congress would be busy opposing the plans of the majority, whether for good or ill, because being in charge is much more important than petty concerns like defending the nation against an enemy.

It's depressing, the depths to which we've fallen, and sickening to realize how much farther we can fall. Despite my crack at the beginning of this post, it isn't just the Democrats at fault. It's all of us. We allow it to happen. We watch as our schools are corrupted and do nothing. We watch as our politicians steal the country blind and do nothing. We watch as faceless nameless unelected bureaucrats defile everything this country was founded upon and we do nothing. We live in a country where the police can break into your home and shoot you dead for no reason, and get away with it because they were following proper procedure.

Now think about that for a minute. The police have a procedure that allows them to kill you in your home for no reason, and the penalty they face is suspension, or maybe the loss of their job. And we do nothing about it.

So what will we do when the war comes to our gates of fire? Nothing. And if any among us try to do something, we'll label them as "racists" and "nativists" and revile their names, then pat ourselves on the back and congratulate ourselves on how very civilized we are. But we aren't really civilized; we're decadent, and the root of that word is decay. We are less than we once were, and sadly, greater than we will ever be again.

This rambling rant is just my way of circling around a very personal question as my son prepares to ship out to Iraq later this year. It's not a question of whether we are fighting the right opponent; we are. Islamofascism isn't limited to the Taliban in Afghanistan; it exists in Iraq, and Syria, and Iran as well. They are all fronts in the war against terrorism. The real question is this: "Is my son fighting to defend a country that is no longer worthy of defense?"

I just don't know anymore.
Posted by Rich
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