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$6.5 Million Dollar Drug Drug Ring in Knox County

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel
[Eric Christopher] Hefner was arrested Friday on a federal indictment alleging he headed up a pill-trafficking ring in West Knoxville and Oak Ridge, but Poston said he's been on the radar of the DEA, the IRS and U.S. Postal Service inspectors since September thanks to a tip from a "source."

DEA knew about him. The IRS knew about him. Heck, the Post Office knew about him.

But somehow, he managed to fly under Sheriff J.J. Jones' radar while importing 260,000 pills a year into Knox and Anderson County.

Then again, unless you're running a home poker game, it appears to be fairly easy to fly under his radar.

Fortunately for the citizens of Knox County, a 'source' provided information to the DEA in September and using that information, the DEA , IRS and the US Postal Service launched an investigation.

The timing of the source is interesting because if I remember correctly, there was another drug related story making the local news in September, one that also involved the distribution of prescription pills, and involved the arrests of 4 local dealers. I would be very interested to find out if the DEA source was either one of those dealers, or somebody else involved with that investigation.

If there is a connection, and my personal opinion is that a connection is more likely than not, then Friday's arrest can be chalked directly up to the refusal of a mother to allow her son's death to be written off as just another overdose. The KCSO closed the case and said that there was no way to pursue it further or arrest the people involved. The KPD thought differently, and the people involved with Henry's death now face criminal drug charges. Even better, if the two cases are connected, that means that federal agencies have gotten involved and are chasing this thing up the ladder to take down the major players.

And maybe, just maybe, the ones who have been protecting them.

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What in the world does he do to earn his keep? It's time for Sheriff Jones to be replaced by a professional.
Posted by Susan Allison  on  01/19  at  09:28 AM

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