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A Dangerous Indifference

For the last two days, the DHS Threat level for Nashville Tennessee has been elevated due to a gathering of some of the most dangerous potential terrorists the country has ever seen. Compared to these desperate and obsessed people with their fixed perspective and unyielding sense of right and wrong, the September 11th hijackers don't even get mentioned in the same breath. In fact, this group is so dangerous that the US DHS issued a special report, helping local law enforcement identify members of this dangerous group.

Yes, there was a conference in Franklin for a bunch of conservative evangelical Christians. We gathered in Franklin to hear some of the top BiblicalProphecy experts talk about the current situation in the world and in America.

All kidding aside, (you did know I was kidding, right?), one of the speakers uttered the words guaranteed to make a Congress critter's blood analog run cold...

"As Christians,we don't need politicians. They are irrelevant because we follow a King, the King, the King of Kings, and He outranks any politician on earth! Now you can call a politician a lot of things without repercussions, but irrelevant ain't one of 'em. The idea of an entire class of people, evangelical Christians,not just thinking, but knowing that politicians are irrelevant to them is enough to cause political heads to explode. Politicians feed off of dependency the way a vampire feeds on blood, (I'm sure that's not the first time that comparison has been made!) without a vampire's socially redeeming side.

Yet in this church just south of Nashville, over 1000 people were being reminded that when you serve a King, congressmen, judges, and even presidents can pale into insignificance.

Of course such arrogance cannot be tolerated by the federal government, and I fully expect some kind of backlash against these most dangerous people.

Who do they think they are, anyway?
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