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A Little Good News for a Change: Knoxville Makes the Top 25, and You’ll Never Guess for What

With all the negative press we've been getting lately, not to mention our own contentiousness, we sometimes forget that Knoxville isn't that bad a place to live. And in a story posted today in USA Today, the Urban Institute ranked the largest 100 cities for their racial opportunity gap, and Knoxville is ranked as having the 21st smallest "opportunity gap" for Latinos. We're in the middle of the pack for African American opportunity gap at 56th, but the biggest surprise was that overall, the southern states, you know, the Republican dominated strongholds where we cling bitterly to guns, religions, and racism, were actually the places where African Americans and Latinos saw the most opportunity and the least disparity between them and their neighbors.

Imagine that.

The worst areas?

The Democrat dominated North East and the union dominated states of Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. AKA Obama's base.

These numbers come out of the Urban Institute and are based on 2010 Census data.

A while back, I wrote about a theory I had about the two political parties. Back in school, I was taught that the Republicans used to be all about freeing the slaves and bringing civil rights to minorities and that Democrats, particularly the Southern variety, were dyed in the wool slaveholders and racists, until suddenly, for no particular reason, they switched sides in the 1960s. Republicans became the evil racists while Democrats burned their Klan robes and became the minority man's best advocate. My theory was that they never really switched sides, that Republicans held tight to their values while Democrats mounted the biggest con job in the history of the world, building a new system of slavery called welfare and affirmative action.

Everybody laughed at me.

Look at the map below the fold and see if you still want to laugh. Who is providing economic freedom, and who is maintaining economic slavery?
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