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A man’s home is his castle; he just can’t defend it.

Not in England, anyway.

Tony Martin was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 5 years in prison for killing two burglars who broke into his home. He was denied parole yesterday by the Parole Board, who made it clear that burglars deserved to be protected from homeowners attempting to defend themselves and their homes.

So, if a guy breaks into your house, let him take whatever he wants. Help him load up the truck as well. After all, if he strains his back moving your big screen TV, he might sue you for negligence.

And win.
Posted by Rich
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I'm glad our forefathers decided to chuck the tea into the harbor 200 years ago.
Posted by Justin  on  05/10  at  11:10 AM

I think that the issue is along the lines of two wrongs don't make a right. Yes, the burglars were wrong to go onto his property to steal stuff from him, but killing them is taking things into your own hands. Nobody would ever suggest that the criminal penalty for theft be the death penalty, but essentially that's what this guy has done. In the same way, jaywalking is illegal on this side of the pond, but if you hit a jaywalker with your car, you could find yourself in trouble depending on the circumstances.

To your comment about the burglar sueing for negligence..that would happen ONLY in America (and for that matter probably already has many times).
Posted by Manish  on  05/12  at  02:37 AM

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