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A Post in Which I Say Something Good About Referees

Just kidding. I have very little good to say about referees, particularly TSSAA referees who work Saturday football games for money.

If you're a ref, and you work on Saturdays because you love the game, and you love watching the kids play, then the rest of this doesn't concern you.

For the rest of you, the ones who are out there for the money, or because you can't quite hack the high school game anymore, I'd just as soon you sit at home on the couch and watch the big game on TV than come out to our field and ruin our games.

We had a referee tonight who made it clear from the moment he stepped on our field that he didn't want to be there, and he wanted to make sure he got out of there as quickly as possible. He ran the clock when it should have been stopped, waved off penalties to keep the clock from stopping, and in general called a very loose game. He harassed the clock keeper and the announcer (me) to move the games along faster, even reducing the time between games, which made it hard for the teams to get on and off the field and get warmed up before the game.

What makes it worse is that out of all the people working to make these games happen, the only ones getting paid are the refs. Everyone else is donating their time, money, sweat, and blood so the kids can have a team. Yet the only people making a dime from all of this work are also the ones who resent being there.

So don't be there. Stay home. Be comfortable. If you need the extra money that badly go out and get a job. But don't mess with a bunch of kids who just want to spend a Saturday evening playing football. They deserve better.

Yeah, I know. I've said this before, but I'll keep saying it as long as I keep running into these pathetic little men who need to boss around little kids to feel like they are somebody.
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