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A Remake I Want to See

It's a mashup between two documentaries. The War Room, and Spinal Tap. Set on the Obama campaign trail and starring

Barack Obama as David St. Hubbins. After all, Obama is pitching himself as an unusual saint, so why not?
Hillary Clinton as Nigel TufnelTheir love/hate relationship drives the story.
Al Gore as Derek SmallsBecause global warming will leave us all like lukewarm water.
David Plouffe as Ian FaithUnsung hero of the show. He's the adult in a room of children.
Nancy Pelosi as Jeanine PettiboneBecause I'm pretty sure she's got dubly in it somewhere.
Michael Moore as Marti DiBurgiBecause he's made a career out of fake documentaries. It should come naturally to him.
Keith Olbermann as Artie FufkinBecause who wouldn't want to watch Olbermann begging to get his ass kicked?
Bill Clinton as Mick ShrimptonBecause as long as he has sex and drugs, he can skip the rock and roll as well.
Howard Dean as Peter James BondBecause blowing up onstage comes naturally to him.
Joe Biden as Joe Mama BesserAnother in an endless stream of faceless replaceable parts

Yeah, I'd pay money to see that one...
Posted by Rich
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