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Sunday, Warren Sapp put Chad Clifton out of the game, and possibly the rest of the season with a vicious hit after an interception. Although the hit was clean, it was well away from the play, and probably unnecessary. After the hit, Sapp celebrated the hit, while Clifton writhed in pain on the turf, and continued to do so even as the trainers went out to take Clifton off of the field.. But this is football, and as Sapp said, it's a contact sport. There will be no penalties of fines for Sapp.

After the game, Packers coach Mike Sherman confronted Sapp, who launched into an obscenity laden tirade, shoved a Packers staffer, and challenged Sherman to "put on a jersey if you think you're so tough."

Last night, Coy Detmer had the game of his career, throwing for two touchdowns while running the Eagles offense to perfection. Then in the third quarter, he dislocated his left elbow while being tackled by Chiki Okeafor. He was brought off the field on a cart, but before the cart could clear the field, he was surrounded by his teammates, and most of the 49ers, who wanted to wish him well.

Again, this is football, and it's a contact sport; injuries will happen. But do you celebrate ending a guy's year? Do you relish seeing your opponent carried off on a cart? Or do you play the game hard, but clean? Do you try to win, or try to hurt the other guy?

Warren Sapp has one answer; I like the 49ers answer better.
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