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A Thought Experiment in Probability

You have a bag filled with all the letters in the alphabet. Each time you draw one out, it is instantly replaced so you always have 26 letters to choose from. Your task is simple.

  1. Draw one letter at a time and use those letters to form words.

  2. Each letter, when added to the previous letters must make a word, but you are allowed to create new words with each draw.

  3. Consecutive groups of words must form complete sentences.

  4. You are allowed to add any punctuation you like.

  5. The sentences you form must be found in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

  6. If at any time you draw a letter that cannot be used to form a word, or a sentence in a word, you must remove all the tiles that formed the last sentence you added to and start that one over again.

  7. You are allowed to repeat sentences as much as needed.

  8. The game is complete when you have produced every sentence in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The name of this game is "Genetic Evolution as a Sequence of Incremental Changes."

This is NOT a Creationist post, or even an argument against the idea of evolution. It is a simple exercise to demonstrate the sheer magnitude of the problem of accounting for the evolution of complex biochemical processes through small, incremental changes.
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