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A Word About Palin

Choosing Sarah Palin as Vice President is virtually the only right move made by the McCain campaign team. While they mishandled her badly, had she not been a part of the campaign, McCain wouldn't have broken 42% of the vote.

She brought out the base.

If the RNC decides to lay all of the blame for McCain's loss at her feet, they will virtually guarantee the loss of more Congressional seats in 2010, and a second Obama term in 2012.

The McCain campaign repeated the Gore blunder of 2000; trying to run away from a President you were inextricably associated with by the press. McCain tried to run to the center, making certain he would get a tepid response from the base. Palin countered that by appealing to the base, while also appealing to the middle, had she been handled properly.

The RNC appears to be deciding that they should have run further to the middle, that Palin alienated the undecideds, and that next time, their candidate needs to be more centrist. The problem with this idea is that if voters want someone to the left of a Republican, they'll vote for a Democrat, not another Republican.

If the Republicans want to recapture lost ground, they must first articulate exactly what conservatism is, and then sell that vision to the American people. If Republicans continue to run by apologizing for being conservatives, they'll never win another Presidency.

Run to the right and convince the center that you are right to do so.

One final word about Palin: If the RNC decides to trash Palin, don't be surprised to see her run as a third party candidate. It's not like she doesn't have a reputation for exposing corrupt stupid Republicans or anything.

Palin/Paul in 2012? That could spell the end of the Republican Party.
Posted by Rich
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I completely agree. Those who are blaming Palin are woefully misinformed of the facts, and frankly, it wonders if some Republicans supported a woman against their gut sexism only when they thought McCain would pull out a win.

Despite the mainstream media's desperate attempts to discredit her from the beginning, she has brought a before-and-after effect to the Republican party in a microcosm of the before-and-after effect Obama will now give the country.

She scares liberal elitists, and that's always a good sign. I hope she spends the next four years getting a Master's in foreign policy and scares the leftist illuminati right back out of Washington in 2012!
Posted by Reagankid  on  11/05  at  09:53 PM

I could get behind Ron Paul if it weren't for his isolationist ideals and his belief that 9/11 was an inside job. Other than those things (which are kind of deal breakers, for me), he'd be great.
Posted by Blake  on  11/05  at  10:59 PM

Posted by cargosquid  on  11/07  at  01:39 PM

If Palin runs for President in 2012, at least she has name recognition going for her... but that may not work in her favor
Posted by movie fan  on  11/07  at  07:22 PM

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