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Amazon and Tennessee Sales Taxes

I hate taxes.

That being said, I'm more in favor of consumption based taxes than income taxes since a progressive tax system is inherently inequitable (notice I don't say 'unfair.' 'Fair' is relative and impossible to define while inequitable is a qualitative measure.) to the people at the higher end of the scale.

When Tennessee first started negotiating with Amazon to collect the states sales tax, I was irritated. I order a lot from Amazon and I got used to saving the money.

But then, I started thinking about it from a different perspective. I support a flat, consumption based tax system to replace our current progressive income tax system; to oppose Tennessee's efforts to collect proper sales taxes for items sold is inconsistent with that position. Tennessee voters, myself included, have made it absolutely clear that we have no interest in a state income tax, and that means out governor must look to existing revenue streams to meet our budget. Convincing Amazon to collect state taxes for goods shipped from Tennessee is one way of accomplishing that objective.

So, even though it will cost me more money, I'm supporting the new agreement. On line sales should be taxed at the same rate as brick and mortar sales, and on line retailers should collect those taxes just as brick and mortar retailers do.
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