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An Apology to the Nashville Scene

I now understand what happened, and it wasn't their fault.

Through my own investigative skills, I found out that Karl Rove used to be a dedicated reader of Hobbs Online. Now that he's got some free time, Karl decided it was time for Bill to begin blogging again. And so, with the Machiavellian deviosity he's trademarked over several decades of political manipulation, Karl swung into action, beginning a whispering campaign, and leaving an anonymous tip for Mr. Kopp, who ran with it. The events that followed, leading up to Bill's departure from Belmont University, were all anticipated and guided by Mr. Rove to make sure that Bill had the time and the inclination to resume blogging once again.

So you see, it wasn't the folks at the Scene's fault. They couldn't help it; they were outwitted by the master strategist.
Posted by Rich
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This makes as much sense as any of the other dribble that has wasted bandwidth on Hobbs-martyr-mania... Let's just clamp these offensive, conspiratory suckers into stocks on the public square and throw rotten veggies and stuff at them! Yeah, that's the ticket!!
Posted by Wes  on  04/24  at  08:31 AM

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