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An Object Lesson in the True Definition of Torture

For those of you who are still suffering under the delusion that the interrogation techniques used at Gitmo are torture, let me offer up a brief comparison between the US and the terrorists.

Keeping the room too coldSlitting the captives throat
Playing loud musicBeheading captives
Sleep DeprivationLife Deprivation

I could go on, but if you haven't gotten it by now, you never will.

And for what it's worth, if you can't tell the difference between what we do at Gitmo and what the terrorists do, then not only shouldn't you be holding public office, but you probably shouldn't be allowed to operateheavy machinery, motorized vehicles, or to handle sharp instruments without close supervision.
Posted by Rich
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rich, if you truly believe that all we are doing to inmates is "keeping the room too cold" or depriving them of sleep, then you aren't paying attention. ever hear of waterboarding? ever hear the reports of young boys being raped? and it's a pretty lousy excuse to say 'well, at least we're not as bad as the terrorists!'
Posted by howie  on  06/21  at  03:06 PM

Now this is exactly the kind of tripe I'm talking about.

Howie here is totally dismissing the fact that the terrorists are brutally murdering civilians and captured troops, focusing only on alleged US abuses. The animals get a pass, while only the actions of our soldiers is subject to scrutiny.

He totally discounts the differences in approaches between us and them. As far as I know, there have been no reputable reports of rape as a US interrogation technique, although we know for a fact that it was a common practice in Hussein's Iraq. But somehow, Howie doesn't seem concerned about that. I guess he just assumes that the Iraqis are somehow less civilized than us, and that sort of thing must be expected when dealing with primitive cultures.

I do know that there are US citizens in jail right now for far less serious abuses of prisoners. At last count, over 100 of them. That tells me that we are serious about catching and punishing those who abuse prisoners, unlike the terrorists, who are rewarded for the same actions. And <a href="" rel="nofollow">here's</a> a perfect example. 8 US military members are going on trial and could possibly face a death sentence for allegedly executing an Iraqi citizen. Do you think the animal that murdered Pfc. Menchaca and Pfc. Tucker is facing a trial? Not unless we catch him, he isn't.

And that, folks, is the difference between us and them in a nutshell. They reward brutal murder; we punish it.

Once again, if you cannot grasp that fundamental distinction, then you have no business trying to run our country.
Posted by rich  on  06/22  at  02:29 AM


thanks for referring to me in the third person. interesting to read about myself and what i supposedly think.

rich, look: i condemn the denigrations of humanity that are occuring on all sides of this horrid conflict, as well as in other countries (including some pals of ours in the "coalition of the willing"). the soldier murderers ideally should be forced to stand trial for their heinous actions, but short of some forensic evidence or an inside tip, the chances of that are, as you realize, slim. on the other side, these allegations of prison abuse are systematic and have not been adequately addressed--rather, they have been largely (and unsurprisingly) suppressed. acting according to our own standing rules of law, and the ("quaint") geneva convention would, in fact, support our attempts to pacify the mess we've made in iraq--leading by example, and all that. probably too late for that to make a huge impact at this point, since we've been largely ignoring such concepts for the past 3+ years, but it would be a start. the article you linked to of the soldiers being tried for murdering the civilian and trying to plant false evidence is grim, but contains some hope.

regarding the "allegations" of rape, i quote:"In closed-door presentations before Congress, Pentagon officials revealed evidence of crimes ranging from the rape of female detainees to the sexual abuse of minors held at Abu Ghraib." link: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
but i agree with you, the pentagon is not necessarily the most reputable source...
Posted by howie  on  06/22  at  03:48 PM

in paragraph 2, "denigration" is the wrong word--should be "corruption."
Posted by howie  on  06/22  at  03:54 PM

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