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Awww.  I Hurt Somebody’s Feelings

An anonymous troll took exception to my post on the Obama/Jessica Simpson comment. He accused me of looking for a cheap gloat, and then took the time to imply that my fiance is unpleasant to be around.

Yeah, he's all class.

After listening to left wingers take unfair potshots at President Bush for 8 years, I think it's hilarious that they are so outraged when the tables are turned on them. The funny thing is that Obama did everything in his power to set himself up for ridicule. His campaign rhetoric about lowering the seas and the rest was sheer arrogance at its finest. The fact is that he can never manage to live up to the image he purposefully created on the campaign trail, and every time he falls short, he's going to pay a price for his hubris.

Think about it. While people are freezing to death in Kentucky because of a massive ice storm, he's cranking up the heat in the Oval Office and criticizing Bush for "unconscionable ineptitude" in his Katrina response. And what exactly has Obama done for Kentucky?

Apparently cavalier apathy isn't as unconscionable as ineptitude.

The truth is that Obama isn't up to the job. Those of us who maintained our sanity during the election cycle all knew this. He simply doesn't have a Presidential resume. Remember, this is a guy who won his first election by kicking all of his opponents off the ballot.

This is the post partisan president who justifies his embarrassingly impotent and expensive bailout plan simply by saying, "I won." This is the president who ran on transparency, yet began secret talks with al Qaida before he even won the election. This is the president who ran on a campaign of ending business as usual in Washington, yet nominated a tax cheat as head of the treasury department. This is the president who ran on a campaign of getting lobbyists out of Washington, yet hired several for his administration. This is the president who ran on a platform of ending rendition, but now he says it is a lawful and useful tool and he will not rule it out.

In short, he's a phony who followed a script to the White House and now that the reality of the job has sunk in, he's lost. That's what happens when you elect an image of a leader instead of an actual leader.

But rest assured, if Obama does something I think is right, then I'll give him credit for it. I just don't see many signs of that in the near future. There are some who agree with his decision to limit CEO salary if they take a government bailout. I disagree for two reasons. Some companies were forced to take the bailout, a truly mind boggling concept when you think about it. Second, in my opinion,. the bailout was unconstitutional in the first place, and if it is wrong, then exercising power over the operations of a business through an unconstitutional act is still wrong, even if it makes sense from a certain perspective, i.e., if the taxpayers are investors, they, or their representative, should have a say in how the business is run.

I respect the office of the President of the United States, and I respect the process by which we select the man who serves in that office, and I hope that the man currently in that office manages to grow into it, and quickly. But as of today, he has done nothing to earn my admiration or respect. By his own admission, he plans to gut the first and second amendments of our Constitution and I will oppose him in those areas. By his own admission, he plans to saddle our country with a debt we can never pay off, one that will cripple our future and I will oppose him on this. By his own admission, he intends to sacrifice members of our next generation in order to improve the lot of the current generation, and in this perversion of the natural order, I will oppose him as well. By his own admission, he intends to disarm our nation in the face of our enemies and I will oppose him.

I may be in the minority in my positions. But in America, the minority still has a voice, and I will use that voice as my means of opposition. Because we have a system of government that is unique in history. The conflict of ideas is not resolved through force of arms, but by the power of the voice. President Obama will push his agenda in the court of public opinion, where it will gain support and by carried out, or lose support and be buried. My voice will be heard, here on this small website, and anywhere else I can manage. Other voices will join with me, or they will not; it doesn't matter. I will speak my piece, and I will vote accordingly. And as long as the votes are counted, I'll abide by the expressed will of the people because that's the way this country works.

But I'm not going to sit by and reward arrogance, condescension, and hypocrisy with my silence.
Posted by Rich
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You perfectly and with extraordinary skill put into words everything I feel.

Thank you! Amazing piece.
Posted by Jackie  on  02/16  at  01:00 AM

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