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Barack “Milli Vanilli” Obama: Lip Syncing his Way to the Presidency

A President leads. That's his job. When something happens, he reacts. He formulates a position, and then allows his staff to create policy that implements his vision.

Obama doesn't work like that. When something happens, Obama consults his advisors. They craft a position and a policy, and the means of implementing that policy, then he presents it to his constituency as his.

It's bad enough when "musicians" do it, but do we really want our national policy crafted and implemented by a bunch of guys we don't know and didn't elect?
Posted by Rich
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How dare Obama consult his advisers?!? He should just go out and do something half-cocked like our current President instead without consulting anyone.

Its ironic that you have a post about the bailout noting that 99% of American's don't know enough about finance to offer an intelligent solution and then you criticize Obama for talking to a few of the 1% who do know enough.

Furthermore, Bush not only consulted his advisers, they seem to be the ones actually doing the leading on this and Bush seems to be out of the picture.
Posted by Manish  on  09/23  at  10:22 PM

I criticize Obama not for consulting advisors, but for not having an underlying governing philosophy any deeper, that "Whatever gets me elected."

AS the campaign has progressed, we've seen Obama turn his back on his supposed core principles time and again as popular opinion turns against him.

He doesn't lead; he follows.
Posted by Rich Hailey  on  09/24  at  03:41 AM

<i>I criticize Obama not for consulting advisors, but for not having an underlying governing philosophy any deeper, that "Whatever gets me elected."</i>

which is not at all what you wrote, but I digress. Who's the guy who called the Bush tax cuts irresponsible and now wants to make them permanent? Or was in favor of immigration reform, but suddenly isn't in favor of his own bill? Or the guy who jumped into bed with people he had previously called agents of intolerance?
Posted by Manish  on  09/24  at  05:36 AM

let me seem to prefer the candidate who rather than consult his advisers decides that he would fire Chris Cox even though:
a)the President can't fire the head of the SEC
b)everyone agrees that Cox has nothing to do with any of this mess
c)Cox has said he plans to leave at the end of Bush's term anyway.

yeah, that seems like a much better way to lead
Posted by Manish  on  09/24  at  05:38 AM

Here it is February 09 and Obama is more Milli Vanilli than anyone could have ever dreamed! You hit the nail on the head, sir. I congratulate you for your foresight.
Posted by Roguewalker  on  02/21  at  02:01 PM

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