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BlogFest is a Blast!

Once again, a good time was had by all as several of Knoxville's most brilliant bloggers gathered at the Wild Wings Cafe on Campbell Station Rd for some good food and lively conversation.

Besides me and LissaKay, BlogFest stalwarts Doug and Cathy McCaughan were there with their son Tommy, along with brother bloggers Joe and Victor Agreda. Star 102.1 gave Frank Murphy a rare Saturday off, so he was able to attend and brought along his son, Frank Jr. Rounding out the group was Jon Katsiros, along with his friend and campaign manager. Yes, Jon is a political candidate, although, in his words, he isn't running against Stacy Campfield for the District 18 seat, he's beating him. It was a good mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces, which shows how quickly the Knoxville blogging community is changing and growing.

The conversation was quick and interesting, ranging from whether or not WBIR should have run with the story of Mike Ragsdale's divorce (No), to why Cathy refuses to run for the school board (her career as an internet sex goddess), to an incomprehensible to mere mortals discussion of web applications between Doug and Victor(Insert technobabble here).

The Wild Wing Cafe, despite it's deep West Knoxville location, proved to be an excellent location for the BlogFest. The restaurant itself is smoke free and family friendly, but they do allow smoking outside on the patio. It's tricky finding a venue that serves adult beverages, permits children on the premises, and has a way to accommodate those who wish to smoke, and has good food at a reasonable price but the Wild Wings Cafe fit the bill. Apparently, it fit the bill for a lot of other folks as well because the place was packed when we got there.

We're still looking for the ultimate site to hold a BlogFest so if you have any suggestions, let 'em fly.
Posted by Rich
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It was great to meet you guys, next time I'll try to keep the technobabble to a minimum! Looking forward to more blogfests, but I'm thinking at some point we could have a more formal, publicly-aware or promoted blogfest to promote general interaction among Knovillians.
Posted by Victor Agreda Jr  on  04/13  at  08:25 AM

Technobabble is good! It balances out when politics slip into the conversation. Betwixt the two we can keep one half of the table confused at any time.

Now why don't we ever talk about juggling?! Speaking of, <a href="" rel="nofollow">The Knoxville Juggler's Club is meeting this Tuesday</a>! It meets the first Sunday and 3rd Tuesday of every month. People of all skill levels are welcome.
Posted by Doug McCaughan  on  04/13  at  09:41 AM

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