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Blogfest Moving

Sorry for the late update, but it's been one of those weeks.

Due to unforseen circumstances, ie there's some kind of basketball tournament going on or something, and the fact that several notable bloggers will be taking care of personal hygiene issues, I'm postponing the BlogFest to a quieter weekend.

So, the revised schedule is next Saturday, April 12, at Wild Wing Cafe in Farragut. They seem to meet all our requirements. The restaurant/bar is smoke free. There's a smokers area on the patio outside. And they serve adult beverages.

What more could a blogger ask for?

Besides a twig and berries waxing, I mean.
Posted by Rich
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.... I didn't get this message on your "broadcast"... is something broken?.....
Posted by Eric  on  04/04  at  11:04 PM

What time? I still have a WWC gift certificate that I got at the company Christmas party.
Posted by Frank Murphy  on  04/06  at  05:29 PM

Posted by Cathy  on  04/06  at  11:23 PM

what is time? I mean, really. Is an hour in a dentist chair the same length as an hour with your favorite person? Of course not. The last hour of the last day of school is 13.7 times longer than the last hour of the last day of summer vacation. Just ask any school child.

Time is an illusion forced by our linear minds onto a non-linear reality. Why must we always force nature to bend to our will, rather than relax and go with nature?

Keep your mind young and reject this inelastic bastardization of time and go with the movement of the universe. Moves as you feel moved and you'll get there.

On the other hand, I'll be getting there around 6:00. PM.
Posted by rich  on  04/07  at  03:19 PM

Yes folks ... that is how he answers most any question. And, he can kill you with his brain.
Posted by LissaKay  on  04/07  at  05:39 PM

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