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BlogFest-Where is Everyone ?

Posted by Rich
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I'm right here!
Posted by Lissakay  on  07/21  at  08:16 PM

Doug's home. Stuff to do.
Posted by Cathy  on  07/21  at  09:27 PM

I ain't there...I'm here!

Hope to see you next week!
Posted by Mushy  on  07/21  at  10:42 PM

Front Page Follies, actually.
Posted by Barry  on  07/21  at  11:26 PM

Hi, Rich! So sorry I couldn't make it! I hope some other people showed up!
Posted by Tish  on  07/22  at  01:45 AM

Helen and I were there at 6, waited about 20 minutes, then gave up and went to Market Square.
Posted by Glenn Reynolds  on  07/22  at  08:48 AM


Glenn and I were there at six--like he said above, we waited 20 minutes, had a drink and left. We thought maybe we got the place and time wrong.
Posted by Helen Smith  on  07/22  at  09:24 AM

Oops ...
Posted by Mark Steel  on  07/22  at  01:48 PM

Glenn and Helen, I'm sorry that we missed you. We were running a little late, and unfortunately, nobody else made it to fill in the gap. We must have gotten there shortly after you left. The turnout wasn't what I'd hoped for, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Anyway, we did the same thing you did and turned it from a BlogFest into a nice little dinner and a movie.

Thanks for coming, and again, I'm sorry we missed you.
Posted by rich  on  07/22  at  08:31 PM

Probably not going to be there this week either...hiking to the Dome Saturday I'll probably be wiped out by evening!
Posted by Mushy  on  07/26  at  07:51 PM

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