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Books on Teen Pregnancy

In a comment below, I half jokingly said I was going to have to write a book on helping a teenage daughter with her pregnancy. I've just done an Amazon search, and now I'm not so sure I was joking. Almost every book I previewed talked about teen pregnancy as something that must be "recovered from," instead of celebrated. It seems like no matter how hard they try, they can't get past the circumstances of the pregnanacy, and that colors every aspect of the advice they have to give.

They're not all like that; after searching through about 50 titles, I found 5 or 6 worth a closer look. But man, most of them sound like grief counseling for the mother is the first order of the day, and that's just wrong. Understanding that your life has just changed forever is one thing; grieving for it is another, and something that I think is entirely unnecessary.

I think we look at it from an adult perspective; our lives have become relatively stable and we see the magnitude of pregnancy relative to that stability. We forget that kids, especially teenagers, have been living with rampant instability for several years as they go through adolescence; pregnancy and motherhood is just one more in a long line of changes they've weathered.

Isn't it possible that most of the trauma we normally associate with a teen pregnancy springs not from the pregnancy, but from our reaction to it? What happens when we celebrate the pregnancy instead of recover from it? What happens when we allow the circumstances to fall away and let the creation of a new life take center stage?

We allow the pregnancy to be what it should have been anyway, a positive step, albeit an accelerated one, into adulthood.
Posted by Rich
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I've just read your 'Tale of two daughters'. I have two teenage girls. Have been living in fear of anything like this happening. Your story brought tears. Thank you.. thank you. I know I'll sleep easier.. Lucky girl.
Posted by Jan  on  05/24  at  04:05 PM

I just found a new site with some really cool features. Anyone can post news, and you can rate, tag, and add to the stories.

If you go to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> you can sign up for an account. It seems like it could be really cool if they had more people adding content.
Posted by adam  on  05/24  at  05:14 PM

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