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A man carrying a gun ate lunch in a restaurant that serves alcohol. Nobody was harmed in the course of the meal.
Posted by Rich
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Pffft, Sunday a man had a beer in a bar while carrying two pistols in downtown Indianapolis.

No indidividuals or groups, excluding the scallops, was harmed during the meal. However, Sarah Brady did whimper upon learning that this kind of thing is perfectly legal in Indiana and common.
Posted by Shootin' Buddy  on  07/15  at  07:00 AM

In "Chicago, I met a man who danced with his wife!"
Posted by apodoca  on  07/15  at  07:03 AM

Hey, you're picture is a US carrier, so it's dry. If you showed say a British or French Warship, they serve alcohol. So hundreds of people eat lunch in a place that is a hell of a weapon but serves alcohol. If it's a stealthy new Type 45 does that count as "concealed carry"?

Good luck with gun freedom under Obama and Sotomayer.
Posted by Richard  on  07/15  at  07:09 AM

The alcoholism rate among police officers is about 2 times the national average.

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out the frequency of carrying a gun, driving while drunk, and actually being arrested for carrying a gun while drinking and/or driving while drunk.
Posted by anonymous  on  07/15  at  07:11 AM

That's nothing, the Instapundit, a nororious pedagogue, was seen masticating in a local restaurant with other pedagogues, including, at least one thespian.
Posted by moptop  on  07/15  at  07:28 AM

Prompt and polite service from the waiter.
Posted by Woodrow Call  on  07/15  at  07:53 AM

I had lunch in a restaurant that served alcohol yesterday. I was open carrying a .45 Kimber 1911.
Only the Hunan Chicken was harmed...
Open carry is legal in PA in establishments that serve alcohol.
Posted by lprgcfrank  on  07/15  at  08:40 AM

Yesterday I went to a local bar, had 3 beers, some pizza and a lot of laughs, all while carrying my Springfield XD subcompact. No shots were fired and no one was injured. Even though the pizza was not all that great.
Posted by Ted  on  07/15  at  09:22 AM

A similar tragedy occured last night at a Cafe Express in Dallas, just last night. Pigs, cows, and billions of bacteria died to provide my blue cheese & bacon 1/2 pounder hamburger. No shots were fired.
Posted by Bryan  on  07/15  at  10:29 AM

I had lunch at a restaurant where no one was carrying a gun but everyone was brandishing a knife.
Posted by Bill K  on  07/15  at  01:14 PM

Amazing! And he wasn't even arrested. I'd expect a SWAT response - never mind that it was perfectly legal.
Posted by Richard of Oregon  on  07/15  at  01:50 PM

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