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Bruce Pearl Heads for the Showers

While I like Bruce Pearl, and think he was a great hire for UT, I think that they did the right thing by firing him. As much good as he has done here, as popular and energetic as he is, his personal conduct has done almost as much damage. The poor results this season are really irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. What matters is that Coach Pearl knowingly broke NCAA rules, then lied to cover it up, then lied again about coming clean about the whole thing. He showed not only bad judgment, but poor character as well.

Any man can make a mistake, and many of them will try to cover it up if possible. Unfortunately, Coach Pearl is not any man; he's the coach of a major sports team. He doesn't have the luxury of making mistakes like that.

Now, he will face the consequences of his actions. I'm sure the buyout he gets will be generous, and I'm equally certain he'll land another coaching job somewhere. He's too good of a coach not to.

It's too bad really. Coach Pearl could have taken the NCAA championship. Instead, he took us to an NCAA investigation and possible probation.
Posted by Rich
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