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Andrew Sullivan claims* to have coined the new word as a counterpart to Islamist.

Yeah, right.

Tell you what, Andrew. When the Christian right in the US begins to behead those who disagree with them, then I'll admit the validity of the word. Until then, you're just a ticked off heterophobe** pedaling spurious moral equivalencies in a fit of pique because most people do not support your sexual agenda.

* Ann Althouse gives a brief history of the word, which was used long before Sully thought it up.

**heterophobe n. one who insists that all who disagree with gay marriages are bigots, ignorant, or both.
Posted by Rich
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I am so frustrated with people tossing the beheading by "Islamists" out like it's acceptable by all people of that religion. Just like there are some bad people claiming to be Christians, there are some bad Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, etc. No, I am not a Muslim and I don't believe in beheading. Please stop stereotyping everyone who isn't a Christian!
Posted by andyf  on  12/14  at  03:45 PM

Hi Andy,

I didn't say that all Muslims support beheadings. Islamofascists, Islamic extremists, Islamists, are all terms used to refer to the violent fringe elements within the Islamic religion. Andrew Sullivan was drawing a parallel between those extremists and Christians who are against gay marriage.

The analogy is inappropriate, and that's what my comparison illustrates. The fringes of each movement are not comparable in any meaningful way.
Posted by rich  on  12/15  at  10:27 PM

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