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Cindy Sheehan

She claims that all she wants is to talk to President Bush and ask him why her son had to die.

Every day, I listen as our media tells me how noble she is, this grieving mother, and how callus and cruel, and dare I say it, cowardly President Bush is for refusing to meet with her.

Except they never tell me the truth, that he already met with her.

Now why is that, do you think? Isn't that a pertinent fact? I mean, how often does your average citizen actually get face time with the President. And having done so, how often do they get a second chance? In the article linked, while she expresses reservations about the war and how it is being handled, she speaks of the President in a complimentary manner, praising his faith and sincerity.

So why is she camping out on his doorstep like some celebrity stalker? And why are we supposd to take her seriously? And why did it take Matt Drudge to tell us that she met with the President before?

After all, our media is fond of linking other items, items whose link can charitably described as tenuous. For example, every time you hear of US casualties, it is immediately followed by the statement "But President Bush still insists that there will be no early troop withdrawals.

What has one got to do with the other?

Nothing! Nothing at all! In a war, soldiers die. You don't quit because of it.

Now if we were losing hundreds of troops per day, and seeing no signs of any success, then that would be another story. Then, you're not talking casualties, you're talking losing battles.

We're winning everywhere except in the hearts and minds of the liberals who didn't want us to be there in the first place. Apparently, their best idea is for us to leave Iraq and Afghanistan immediately, let those two countries fall back into the terror and repression they came from, blame the whole mess on Bush, and whistle merrily as America gets obliterated.

You think I'm exaggerating?

I have a friend who sincerely and utterly believes that not only shouldn't we be in Iraq, we never should have gone after Osama in Afghanistan, and that we need to pull all of our troops out of both countries immediately.

They are convinced that neither country is worth the expenditure of a single American life.

And this from a well educated, reasonably intelligent, open minded person.

Just for a moment, picture what would happen in Afghanistan if US forces pulled out tomorrow. The remnants of the Taliban and their Al Qaida allies would be able to come out of hiding. Musharref's government would last a matter of weeks before being toppled. Afghanistan would fracture as warlords again took over large areas. The burkhas would return. It would soon be as if we had never gone in.

Iraq would be even worse. The nascant democracy would splinter under the twin forces of the Sunni insurgency combined with Syrian guerillas seeking to dismantle everything that has been accomplished. The streets would run red with blood as Baathists try to force their way back into power, fought tooth and nail by Sunnis and Shias alike. The best outcome would be a long and bloody civil war, followed by a few decades of recovery before Iraq would be strong enough to again threaten its neighbors. The more likely outcome would be a short bloody struggle as Iran and Syria fight over the country.

The Kurds would be decimated, and it wouldn't be surprising if Turkey joined in, attempting to add a little territory.

Of course liberals would find all the bloodshed horrifying, condemn President Bush to the darkest pits of hell, then go about their business, safe in the knowledge that no Americans were dying.

Until the next 9/11. And the one after that. And the one after that.

Until people start freezing to death in winters because the unrest in the Middle East has dried the flow of oil to a trickle.

Until the terrorists start setting off car bombs in school parking lots, and IEDs begin exploding in shopping malls, and hundreds of other nasty surprises the terrorists will bring with them.

Americans will be dying then, but they'll appeal to the UN for help, and the UN of course will come right to our rescue, just like they did in Rwanda, Darfur, the Balkans, etc.

It's not a pretty picture, but it's what will happen, not might happen, if we pull all of our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately.

So why would Cindy Sheehan and folks like her demand that very thing?

Some are blinded by partisanship; some by grief or compassion for the families of soldiers who've died.
Some simply don't understand or refuse to accept that there are very real consequences to these actions.
Some feel that even if things do go very badly, it's not too bad because they can blame it all on President Bush and his cowboy diplomacy.
And some simply can't or won't take the time to examine the situation and ascertain what the consequences will be. Like a spoiled child, they want what they want and they want it now, and to hell with the price that somebody else will have to pay.

There is simply no way a sane and sober person can look at the facts and conclude that an immediate and complete withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan is the best possible course at this time. Yet this is what Cindy Sheehan wants. This is what many in the media appear to want. This is what all the anti-war protesters want. This is what my friend wants.

As much as I hate the idea of American soldiers dying in the desert, I know that pulling out now will only guarantee one thing; thousands more Amricans will die here.
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