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Cognitive Disconnect or Misplaced Priorities?

A Libertarian will say:

"I could never vote for Rick Santorum because he's against federal funding for rubbers."

And then say:

"I am voting for Ron Paul because he respects the Constitution."

Last time I checked, there was nothing in the Constitution about providing high school kids with condoms so they can have sex without consequences.

There's also the whole "I don't care if radical Islamist nations get the atomic bomb. It's none of our business" thing. That just scares me. If you can honestly say that ending funding for rubbers is a down check but allowing an enemy nation to acquire nuclear weapons is not, then I have to say that your grasp on reality might be a tad loose.
Posted by Rich
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As something of a Libertarian myself, I frankly do not care about the "rubbers" issue. I've been in enough places (such as my own high school in smalltown CT, various events, and any military hospital) that hand them out like candy to know that someone will fund it somehow. I don't see why the federal government should pay for it but that's because I don't see how it's their job to do so.
As for the larger issue of the atomic bomb, I'm going to cite Machiavelli by saying that one can only delay a war to their own disadvantage. We learned in the 1930s that appeasement does not work and only delays the war and, like I said, makes it worse. I think that we should have someone, somehow, "accidentally" detonate their facility and blame it on Iranian stupidity. Plausible deniability; we could even blame their safety measures. (no sarcasm, seriously, we could make the smartest Iranian in Iran look moronic simply by blaming him and his government) The problem I have is how complicit our own European allies are in this matter and how the UN has again proven itself completely useless. After all, it was designed to resolve issues just like this without war. But instead we have to suffer under the "foreign policy" of someone who won't hesitate to bomb Libya but just wags his finger lightly at Syria.
Posted by Mussorgsky112  on  02/23  at  10:38 PM

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