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Frank Murphy posts that the KSO, that's the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra to you heathens out there, is once again offering 50 pairs of tickets to bloggers who agree to attend and blog about a concert (I love the Third Brandenburg Concerto) without falling asleep, or failing that, without snoring.

Even if you think you don't like classical music, you should give this a try. There's an energy to a live performance that no recording can capture, and it's even more intense when you have dozens of musicians all working together to create one sound. While last year's program focused on American music, and contained some modern pieces, this year we get some old favorites including the Brandenburg Concerto #3, which is one of my favorites.

Come out and listen to something different.

BY the way, the first person who correctly identifies the artist and song from whence the post title came gets a prize.
Posted by Rich
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