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Don’t Forget BlogFest and Blogathon Today

Cathy has her towel and her webcam on, although one of the two seems to disappear intermittently, and I will be starting my stint in just a few hours. It's not too late to sign up to sponsor us.

And in an attempt to bring in more money,I'm making another announcement. In addition to writing a story live at Baileys from 3PM to 9PM, based entirely on suggestions from sponsors, (By the way, the sponsors have left no suggestions yet, which could make for an interesting story. Maybe I'll write a story about nothing. Naaah, it's been done and it stunk the first time around.) I'll also perform requests for money. You come to Baileys and sponsor us there, and I'll perform your request. I won't do anything that might get me arrested, might get me committed to a mental institution, or might result in physical injury to small farm animals, but anything other than that is on the table. I do reserve the right to make the donation amount match the ridiculousness of the request.

So come out to Baileys for the BlogFest at 6PM, or come earlier to watch me type.
Posted by Rich
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I'll be heading that way in about an hour and a half. Hope this downpour stops by then; my car leaks like a sieve unless parked nose up on a hill. :(
Posted by Tam  on  07/28  at  04:01 PM

Rich, I loved your story - great job!

I never realized "Bart" was such a bad guy.... I would have liked him to put up a bit more of a fight, though... smile
Posted by Barry  on  07/30  at  03:45 PM

Don't worry, Bart, er Barry, when I finish the revisions, he will. I was running minus on minutes by that point of the story.
Posted by rich  on  08/01  at  08:21 PM

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