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Equality is a Bitch!

Via Linoge

At Vox Populi, a different slant on the capsized cruise ship:
Women have methodically attacked the concept of male duty and honor through every possible means for the past ninety years, and now they are whining that they don't get special treatment simply because a ship happens to be sinking. Why, exactly, should any man "prioritise women, expectant mothers and children"? On what grounds can they be reasonably expected to do so, those outdated traditional grounds that the schools teach is hateful, sexist, and bigoted?

Those big, burly crewmen shoving aside women as they prioritized their own escape should have been wearing t-shirts that said "this is what a feminist looks like".

Personally, I'm old school, raised in the South and "women and children first" is in my blood. However, that is not politically correct in today's world. "I am woman; hear me roar!" leads directly to "Every man for himself!"

Equality has a downside; you no longer merit special treatment or consideration.

Posted by Rich
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Hi Rich,

I've been thinking about this blog post all day and would like to respond, but I am afraid I'm misinterpreting your tone. Is this meant to be tongue-in-cheek, or are you serious?

Posted by Skye  on  02/04  at  04:16 PM

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