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Excitement! News! Money!

I have some exciting news. Well, exciting for me anyway.

Last week, Katie Granju asked if I would be interested in taking on a paying job, blogging as a conservative/libertarian dad. As a conservative/libertarian dad, anything that generates income is automatically interesting, even more so when it involves something that I've been doing for free for over 10 years now.

She gave me the details, and set up the connection, and the result is that, starting this week, I will be blogging for actual money at! Like Katie, I'll be blogging as part of Babble voices, and while I'm free to write about any topic relating to parenting, kids, etc, my area of concentration will be conservatism/libertarianism and how politics affects my family, with the obvious focus on the upcoming election. As regular readers can imagine, I'll have quite a few things to say on the subject!

I expect that we'll get the details worked out this week, and that the blog will be set up and running by Friday at the latest. Then again, this is a short week, so we'll just have to see. In the meantime, I have to come up with a blog title, a biography, a good picture for the byline, and a couple of topics to get things rolling.

One thing will be new to me. In all the years I've blogged, I've never done a lot of self promotion. I don't do a lot of cross posting; I don't leave links on other blogs, and I very rarely ever send out "for your consideration" emails. That just isn't my style.

But Babble is a professional outfit, which means they expect page views for the money they pay out, so I will have to start working to drive traffic to my posts there. So you can expect to see some Self promotion going on, especially during the first few weeks as I try to build an audience. For those of you who don't like to read posts that link to other posts, I apologize in advance. On the other hand, for those of you who want to see me succeed, please click through and read!

As I was telling Lissa about this last Friday, it struck me that this is my second real freelance writing gig. I had a couple of submissions to the KNS, but those were more or less one shot deals, not a long term thing. I've been covering high school football for The Mountain Press for several years now, and adding Babble into the mix, assuming I last more than a month or two, that is two, long term, paid writing gigs.

I think that means I qualify as a professional writer!

Which means learning to type is probably a requirement now.
Posted by Rich
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It was only a matter if time! Very proud of you!!!!!!
Posted by Deedi  on  09/03  at  06:15 PM

Congrats Rich! I blogged ya -

- Katie
Posted by kag  on  09/03  at  07:11 PM

Hi, Rich: Katie told me to welcome you, so welcome! Let the games begin! (BTW, my husband and I have been professional journalists for nearly 30 years now. I learned how to type in high school. He still hunts and pecks. So no pressure--at least on that front!) Best, Beth
Posted by Beth  on  09/03  at  07:19 PM

Congrats on the new gig, Rich! As a conservative/libertarian-leaning mom (who is thoroughly disgusted with both major parties at this point) I'm looking forward to seeing you added to the mix. And as an old friend of Katie's, well, if she says you're a good egg, then that's good enough for me.
Posted by Virginia  on  09/03  at  07:58 PM

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