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Exposing Myself on Babble

So, I was invited to participate in a video dialogue with Diana Stone and Kristin Howerton of Babble Voices. We were reacting to Obama's acceptance speech which was kind of interesting because we were talking about it while he was giving it. On the negative side, the real time discussion meant I couldn't really concentrate on the speech. On the positive side, I didn't have to really concentrate on the speech.

I did some prep work before hand, looking up some facts and figures about Obama's spending and the unemployment situation, as well as a few other policy issues so I was fairly comfortable when we started. You can watch it below.

I think it went fairly well; it certainly didn't seem like we were talking for an hour, and it was a lot of fun. Kristin was the self admitted left of liberal representative, while Diana was a moderate leaning left, which left me as the sole voice of reason representative from the right. Catherine Connors was our able moderator, and other than a slight diversion where we discussed which of the candidates we would like to have a beer with (Obama won because Romney doesn't drink), we stayed with the speech fairly well, covering several topics.

Lissa watched it live and told me to stop swiveling in my chair, turn down the ringer on my phone, and "For goodness sake, clean up your office!"

Next up, getting the blog set up so I can start earning my paycheck.
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