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From time to time, instead of a long, intricate piece on a single subject, I get in the mood to write just a few lines about a multitude of subjects.

Immigration. Ok, let me get this straight. The President's plan is to build a 300 mile fence to guard a 1700 mile border, and then invite approximately 92 million people to come in over the next 20 years. With that plan, we may need every bit of the 1400 mile gate Bush left in that fence. By the way, according to the San Fransisco Chronicle, 10% of Mexico's population now lives and works in the US.

That's not immigration; that's a migration.

Katrina Recovery Despite being the only thing in New Orleans that failed faster than the dikes and levees, Ray Nagin has been re-elected as Mayor. But it should be okay; hurricanes don't hit the same place twice.

Wait, that's lightening, isn't it?

Uh oh.

English is the Official Language Wait, it's not the "official" language, but the "national" language. Wait again, it's not the "national" language, but it's the "common and unifying" language. Okay, it's not even the common and unifying language; it just happens to be the language we all speak because we're all racists and too ignorant to realize we should all be speaking Spanish.

Back to New Orleans According to Drudge, the DNC (Dean's Nutjobs and Cranks) worked to get Landreiu elected instead of Nagin, and despite raising 3.3 million to Nagin's 0.5 million, lost abysmally. This is the same organization that claims it will be able to regain control of the House in November.

Anti-Immigration Policies
[Foreigners] can't hold seats in either house of the congress. They're also banned from state legislatures, the Supreme Court and all governorships. Many states ban [foreigners] from spots on town councils. And the Constitution reserves almost all federal posts, and any position in the military and merchant marine, for [natives]

No, this isn't a description of the House Immigration Bill, called xenophobic by Mexico's Vicente Fox. It's a description of the immigration policies of Mexico.

Dixie Chicks Release New Album The new single vanished from the radio before the album even went on sale. Is it due to mediocre musicianship, or is it a backlash from theirpolitical posturing? At the time, the Chicks claimed that the backlash from NAtalie Maines comments was non-existent. I'm bettting they change their tune as their new album slides down the charts faster than Bush's approval ratings.
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