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Follow Up Thoughts on UT UCLA

  • Before the game, Rick Neuheisel said he was hoping to keep the game close until the 4th, and then get some home cooking. He got his wish as the refs blew two major calls that may have made the difference in the game. The safety was a safety by the rules of the NCAA because all of the ball was not clear of the endzone. The second missed call was pass with the entire offensive line 5 yards up field. This in no way excuses the Vols lack of ability Monday night.

  • Rereading my post from last night, I realized it could be summed up in one point. UT was not ready to play on the opening day of the season, and this is becoming a regular occurrence at Tennessee. That goes directly to coaching.

  • Once again, we failed to make appropriate adjustments at half time. Again, that goes directly to coaching.

  • Looking at the upcoming schedule, the Vols could easily go 2-4 to start the season.

I'll bet I can get pretty cheap tickets to the UAB game if I wanted them. Fortunately, I'll be announcing English Mountain Conference football and can skip the next Vol debacle.
Posted by Rich
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Last year, we lost to Cal. Where did Cal end up? Something like 6-6.

Last year, we lost to Florida. Where did Florida end up? After a decent season, they embarrassed themselves against Michigan.

Last year, we lost to Alabama. Where did they end up? 6-6 and not even going to a bowl game.

We looked terrible last night. Luckily, we've got two weeks and a warm up game against UAB. I do believe the potential is there. If the right adjustments are made, we will be ready for Florida. Thank goodness we have them at home.
Posted by Blake  on  09/03  at  12:28 AM

Blake, you're an optimist, but this is one of those times when I would not mind at all being wrong.
Posted by Rich Hailey  on  09/03  at  02:20 AM

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