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Greg Lumpy Lambert Speaks

Prior to the County Commission meeting Monday, I had the chance to speak briefly with Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert. He talked a little bit about blogging, and said he had also blogged for awhile, but lost his taste for it when his favorite venue went off line. The conversation shifted to the Sunshine Act and the trial, and he said that if the KNS interpretation held up, it wouldn't be the end of the world, that the commission could still function, it just might be a little bit harder. He mentioned adding workshops where the commissioners could hammer out their differences out of sight of the public, but with the press present. He didn't want to discuss the trial too much since he hadn't taken the stand yet, but he did say that anything he said in private, he repeated in public. He said specifically that he supported his candidates publicly as well as privately with the other commissioners. I'm paraphrasing and expanding a bit on what he said, but his thought was that lobbying and debating is an integral part of the process, but a part that works best when the commissioners feel they could speak completely candidly, without excessive public scrutiny. However, he also said that when discussion becomes deal making, i.e. "I'll vote this way if you vote that way" was an abuse of that process.
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