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Gus’s Restaurant

French fries hand cut when you order them. Hamburgers made with fresh ground beef, cooked on a griddle and nestled between to butter grilled buns. Hand dipped milk shakes with real ice cream and milk. All served hot and quick at Gus's Restaurant and Affordable Catering on the Market Square.

Since I had an hour or so to kill between the trial and the Commission meeting, I decided to take the rare opportunity to eat on the Market Square. I chose Gus's because I was in the mood for a good burger, and that's exactly what I got. What I didn't expect was for Charlie to grab a potato and start cutting up my fries right then and there. No bags of frozen, batter dipped fries here; just good old potato fries that only need a hint of salt, and a splash of ketchup.

The burger was hot, and fried up just right. Now normally, I like my burgers grilled, but if you're going to fry it, it is essential to do it right. If your griddle isn't hot enough, you end up with a flaccid beef slug that just sits on the bun, oozing grease. A properly fried burger has a slightly crunchy outer layer that seals in the juices, and helps it stand up to the mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato. Gus's place gets it right.

I finished off the meal with a real chocolate milkshake that finished me off.

Now I need a nap, which is perfect timing, because the county commission meeting is about to start.
Posted by Rich
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