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Heroes: Who Lives; Who Dies?

If you haven't seen the finale yet, don't read on.... One of the things I've liked about Heroes is that unlike Lost, or Alias, the writers actually answer questions. Mysteries are solved within a few episodes, not years. Then they are replaced with new questions.

And the finale followed true to form.

Peter blew up,but Nathan scooped him up into the sky to prevent the loss of innocent life. Sylar was killed by Hiro; Claire and her father are going home, and Nikki/Jennifer have integrated. But there are new questions.
  • Who was Molly talking about that is worse than Sylar?
  • Will Parkman live or die?
  • Did Sylar crawl off into the sewer or did something claim his body?
  • What was up with the roach?
  • Will Hiro meet Kensai?
  • Does Suresh have a power?
  • How did Peter and Nathan's father die? Did he die?

Let's answer some questions.

First, If Nathan was smart enough to take Peter up into the sky, hopefully he was smart enough to drop him before he exploded, so Nathan and Peter may still be alive.

We already know that Peter would survive the explosion, so we can assume he'll be back.

The one Molly said was worse than Sylar may turn out to be the Haitian, who disappeared after bringing Clair to the Petrellis.

We haven't seen Mama Petrelli's power yet,although she always seemed to be Johnny on the spot, so it may have something to do with traveling.

We never saw Hiro's father's power either. If it has to do with long life, he may turn out to be Kensai, which will be a big surprise for Hiro.

We know Suresh has a power because we've seen it twice now. I'll give you a hint. He's used it once,and Peter has used it once.

My guess is that the one Molly was talking about will turn out to be Mama Petrelli. She's certainly ruthless enough.

SImone's dad had power,so Simone may also have had a power. She may not be dead, but if she's alive, she may be aligned with the bad guys.

Suresh's power is to visit the past in dreams and interact with them. He learned about his sister that way, and Peter learned about his mom. (My son Isaac is the one who picked up on this one.)

I'm ready for next season!
Posted by Rich
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I completely missed Suresh's power! You guys are clever. My bet is that Mama Petrelli is seriously evil, her sons have different fathers and she killed her husband (Peter's Dad).
Posted by Cathy  on  05/23  at  09:51 PM

I missed it too until Isaac mentioned it. And I agree with you, she's definitely seriously mean.
Posted by rich  on  05/23  at  10:55 PM

I wondered if Mrs. Petrelli's power had something to do with putting her hand on someone and getting them to do her bidding. Kind of like Obi-Wan Kenobi and the whole "these are not the droids you're looking for" thing.
Posted by Frank Murphy  on  05/25  at  10:53 AM

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