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I am Legend: IMAX; Regal Pinnacle

First the movie. It would have been nice if director Francis Lawrence and screenwriters Mark Protosevich and Akiva Goldsman had paid more attention to Richard Matheson's novel. Then I wouldn't feel like I just wasted an hour and a half and $25.00.

I Am Legend the novel is a study of what is normal and abnormal in society; I am Legend the movie is about Will Smith proving he can handle extended monologues just as well as Tom Hanks.

He can't.

But that may not be entirely fair, since Hanks was given better material to work with. Protosevich and Goldsman thoroughly scrubbed the story of all intelligence, grafted on a happy ending,and totally missed the point of the novel.

The CGI special effects weren't all that special either. The zombies were unbelievable, and I mean that literally. I've seen more convincing CGI animation in a video game.

And what was with the dog? 6 billion human beings are wiped off the face of the planet, and we're supposed to get choked up over a dog? Please.

Other than that, the movie was ok.

Now,about the IMAX. In order to see the movie in IMAX, you have to pay an extra $4. I remember seeing my first IMAX movie in Gatlinburg. The screen wrapped around us almost 180 degrees, and curved over our heads as well, immersing us in the experience. That's the IMAX I remember.

This IMAX is just a bigger screen. I knew I was going to be let down when, shortly before the movie started, an audio recording came on, telling us how wonderful the IMAX experience was going to be.

Yeah, an audio recording.

Listen, if you want to impress me with a video medium, don't just talk about it over a darkened screen; light that baby up! If you want to show me something, don't talk me to death before hand, show me!

Adding to my disappointment was the lack of care shown by the Regal Pinnacle staff. The upper left corner of the screen showed obvious staining. It looks like maybe some water damage or something. As the movie started, you could clearly see that insects were caught either on the projector lens, or the window in front of the lens. Watching them crawl over Will Smith's face did sort of give the whole thing a drive-in kind of feel, but at $12.50 per ticket, I'm not looking for a drive-in atmosphere.

Clean it up, Regal.

If you haven't read the novel, and don't mind a tacked on happy ending, the movie is worth seeing at a matinee, or when it comes out on cable. But skip the IMAX Experience. It's not worth the $12.50.
Posted by Rich
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I'm a woman. I'm allowed to be irrational. I don't watch movies with dog abuse. Don't you owe us a new movie review now? The anti-Mary Poppins movie.
Posted by Cathy  on  01/07  at  02:48 PM

Thanks for the tip. The kids and I went to see the movie today at the Pinnacle. We skipped the IMAX and went to the great looking DLP showing across the hall for close to half the price.

Posted by Frank Murphy  on  01/07  at  10:27 PM

You are thinking of the OmniMax, a version of IMAX movies. They are different in exactly the way you described. I agree with your summary of this movie.
Posted by Rudy Malmquist  on  01/28  at  12:08 PM

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