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I Love Living in East Tennessee

I've been building a garden shed in the backyard for the last couple of weekends, and today I went to Home depot to get the materials I needed to sheath the walls and cover the roof. It was a big load for my pickup, but by putting the tailgate down, I fit it all in. For safety, I grabbed my trusty bingee cords and secured the load by running the bungees from the side hooks to the hitch and then back up.

Sure that the load wouldn't move, I drove home.

I went up hill; I went down hill; around curves and through bumps, dips, drops, and occasionally stretches of level roads and no problems.

Until I got to the last intersection where I had to cross Highway 66, the main route from Sevierville to I-40.

I was stopped at the light, waiting to cross 66 and get home to start work. The light changes. The truck went forward into the intersection; the load of plywood, shingles, roof felt, siding, and kitty litter did not. It slid slick as you please right out of the back of my truck and landed with a loud thud in the perfect place to block two lanes going south and one lane going west.

Not good.

I pulled over and swung back around so I could get to the shoulder and grab all the stuff but I didn't feel too good about it. There were 15 4X8 sheets of plywood, 5 bags of shingles, a roll of felt and none of it was light. With all the Sunday traffic leaving Sevier County, I expected to here from disgusted drivers already tired of sitting in traffic for 45 minutes trying to get out of town.

Instead, 5 different guys pulled over, none of whom were stuck behind my mess, and helped me get the stuff back in my truck. All in all, the stuff was in the road for less than 5 minutes. These guys were already past the intersection. They could have gone on their way without being slowed down for a second, but instead, they stopped, both to help me clean up the road, and to make sure that other drivers could get on their way as quickly as possible.

Like I said, I love living in east Tennessee!
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