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I Must Come Clean

The current flap over whether or not George Allen used a certain word 20 years ago has led me to scrutinize my past for any verbal indiscretions I may have uttered over the last 4 decades.

Although my memories of the 60s are pretty hazy, I feel relatively certain that impolite words did not pass my lips during that time period without incurring swift and sure retaliation from my parents. I assure you that I paid for those words dearly.

However, I must report that on at least 3 occasions through the 1980's, I did in fact use a derogatory term, at the time widely accepted, but now utterly banned from polite conversation.

I called a classmate of mine a fart smeller.

I know, I know, it was hateful of me, and unkind, and totally unwarranted, because my classmate did not smell farts, he smelled like a fart.

I abjectly apologize for my use of the phrase, and can only plead youthful indiscretion, in hopes that my current friends and acquaintances will understand and accept that I truly have nothing against fart smellers.
Posted by Rich
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