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Crunch time on the Mine Project is eating up all my writing time. Here are a few quick takes on things that have caught my eye over the last couple of weeks

  • Since when is it news that Al Gore is a hypocrite? Isn't he the one who got rich off of tobaco farming until it became a political liability?
  • So Strom Thurmond's family owned slaves. Is this really shocking to anybody?
  • Message to Iraqi President Talabani: Before inviting Iran and Syria in to help solve your domestic difficulties, you might want to check with Lebanon and see how well it worked for them.
  • To all those who are crying since Don Williams resigned from the KNS: Give it a rest. He hasn't had a hit since Amanda anyway.Yes, I know it's a different Don WIlliams. To tell the truth, I'd much prefer the singer to the reality challenged rantings of the columnist. But he's found a home at Knox Views where I'm sure he'll be welcomed with open arms. The columnist, not the singer.
  • The Oscars rewarded Al Gore with two awards for his slide show "What I did on my 8 year temper tantrum after that weenie head George Bush stole my job." It's hard to blame Al for being peeved, though. Getting your hat handed to you by a "moron" like Dubya must be pretty embarrassing for the guy who invented the internet.
  • By the way, now that Al Gore and Michael Moore have Oscars for documentaries, how long will we have to wait before Keith Olbermann gets a Pulitzer?
  • Isn't it funny how liberals are against carbon abatement allowances for the US, but for them for themselves. What's that word again?
  • Why is it that on 24 Arab terrorists are always the pawns of European masterminds? Isn't that racist? I demand to see an Arab terrorist murdering innocent women and children on his own responsibility, as an autonomous member of the world community.

    It's only fair.
  • Sanjaya and Antonella are proof that looks triumph over talent, even at the top. Neither one should have made it to the final 24, much less past the first cut. And the guys might as well go home now. None of them come close to stacking up to Lakisha or Melinda.
  • The Knox County Commissioners have selected an ethics committee. And there was much rejoicing. yeah!
  • Could Tennessee's State Lawmakers as a group be proof positive that intelligent design isn't real? After all, would God really design such stupidity on purpose? I don't think so!
  • Speaking of stupidity, it looks like Scooter Libby might actually be convicted of lying to cover up for the fact that Dick Cheney did not out Valerie Plame. Accordingly, his sentence should be to not go to jail for 4-8 years. Or some such nonsense. By the way, wasn't it the Democrats who told us for the last 8 years or so that perjury wasn't really serious?
  • As for William Jefferson being given the chair of Homeland Security even though he's under indictment for accepting bribes, we should have known Pelosi wasn't serious about draining the swamp. Like most slimy reptilian carnivores, it's where she's most at home. Besides, it's un-PC to call it a swamp. It's a wetlands. And when have you ever known a Democrat to be in favor of draining a wetland?
  • David Geffen accuses the Clintons together and Hillary in particular of lying too easily and being too ambitious. Just in case you needed more proof that perception is not a prerequisite to produce movies.
  • Speaking of Hollywood idiocy, Leo the Cap said during the Oscars that Hollywood has always taken its social responsibilities seriously, which is why he'll be starring in the upcoming American Pie 6:The e Coli Strikes Back.And yes, there have been 5 American Pie movies. It's the Police Academy of the new millennium. Except not as funny. I never thought I'd be longing for the triumphant comeback of Bobcat Goldthwaite.
  • Joe Lieberman is toying with the idea of caucusing with the Republicans if the Democrats press forward with attempting to cut financing for the troops in Iraq. I'd just as soon he stay an Independent. Go with your convictions Joe. If you want to switch, do it. Don't make it a power play.
  • In the 60s and 70s, protest music was all about forcing change on the world. Now, we're just "waiting for the world to change." It's sadly pathetic isn't it? There's a reason why the protests are lead by old folks; they have more drive than the young ones.
  • I'm so tired of political hacks and morons on both sides of the Moebius aisle (looks like it has two sides but really only has one through a distortion of three dimensional reality that only politicians and professional journalists (Not you Michael) can master) that not blogging should have been a relief. Instead, the disgust built up inside befouling my mood until I had to vent it onto you, my loyal readers.

I feel much better now...
Posted by Rich
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This site gives new meaning to the term "moronic"...its all uphill from here.
Posted by abraham  on  03/01  at  08:22 AM

Wow. That was some great criticism. It is easy to say someone or something is moronic. Any twelve year old can do so. However, it shows character and intelligence to actually build a concrete argument supporting statements such as the one above.

I guess what I am trying to say is that your statement brought new meaning to the term, "ironic"...
Posted by Isaac  on  03/01  at  05:11 PM

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