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I’m not Laughing Anymore

On Friday, Paul borrowed $50 from Stanley and promised to pay him back the next Tuesday. After a crazy weekend, Paul was flat broke, but he knew Stanley would kick the crap out of him if he didn't get his money,so he went to Peter and borrowed $50 to pay Stanley, promising to pay him back on Friday.

Well, Friday rolled around, and Paul was still broke, and being rather fond of knees that bent in only one direction, and knowing that Peter would enjoy altering that natural limitation of motion, Paul went back to Stanley and borrowed $50, promising to pay him back on Tuesday.

This cycle repeated itself for a few weeks, with Paul borrowing from Stanley to pay Peter and vice versa, until they all three met in a bar on Wednesday.

Paul said, "Peter, you know that I'm going to borrow $50 from you on Tuesday so I can pay back Stanley, right?"

Peter said,"Yep." Peter is a man of few words.

Then Paul said,"Stanley, you know that I'm going to borrow $50 from you on Friday so I can pay Peter back, right?"

Stanley merely grunted, being a man of even fewer words than Peter.

Then Paul said, "Well, since you both know that I'm going to be borrowing $50 from you to pay the other, why don't you just trade $50 back and forth between the two of you and leave me out of this?"

That used to be a funny joke until the Obama administration started using that same process to prop up our banking system.

By the way, those of you from Tennessee remember Jake Butcher, who ran a similar scam with his banks. He went to prison, and a lot of people lost their life savings in the ensuing collapse.

But hey, it might work out better this time, right?
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