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Wow, look at the dust!

Yeah, I know what I said, but there's just too much going on that's too important to just sit by quietly and let it happen.

The last time I posted here, I was tired of being angry at what I saw going on. I knew that nothing I said would make a difference, and that most of what I said was being said by other writers, and probably better, clearer, and certainly more concisely.

I've decided I don't care. There are certain things that need to be said, and if there's several of us saying it, then that just adds a bit more weight to what we say. besides, even though I consider America to be on an irreversible downward spiral into decadence, maybe, if we try hard enough, we can slow the inevitable decay down long enough for my kids and grandkids to have a shot at a decent life.

If nothing else, they'll know we tried.

So, hang on to your shorts. Shots is back!
Posted by Rich
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