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It’s All About Your Point of View

A seed pod gets stuck in the coat of a dog. The dog and its pack travel for miles over months until he sheds his winter coat and the seed pod falls off. The pod falls on fertile soil, sprouts, and a plant grows in a new environment. The plant thrives because this new area has no natural predators that feed on it. It displaces native species and soon dominates the landscape in that area.

We call this process natural selection and it is an integral part of evolution.

But replace the dog with a man, and we call it "interfering with Mother Nature's delicate balance.


Right now, well meaning idiots are poisoning streams in the Smokies to kill off the rainbow trout so they can replace it with "native" brook trout. Once the poison has killed off the rainbows, they place baskets of fish into the stream to make sure all the poison is gone. If the fish die, they wait a while longer, and do it again.

This is called environmentalism.

When the stream is safe for fish again, they'll release the brook trout.

So why are environmentalists against evolution?
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