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It’s Almost That Time Again

You know, where I try to write the Great American Novel in 30 days and wind up only writing for a day or so.

But this year will be different.

I don't know if you've noticed, but this blog has seen more writing activity in the last two months or so than it has seen in all of last year. Once Obama is elected and he puts his "Internet Fairness Doctrine" into place, I won't be allowed to write political commentary anymore for fear of being sent to a "Voluntary Re-education Camp" so if I want to keep the momentum going, I'll have to switch tracks.

Hence the NaNoWriMo Challenge.

And you get to play a part, oh fearless reader. In the comments, leave me a starting sentence, a character name, a setting for a scene, and I will work all of your suggestions into the story.

50,000 words in 30 days. It should be interesting.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the really fun part. Taking a page from one of my favorite writers, Harlan Ellison, I'll be posting the story each day right here so you can follow along.

Or not.
Posted by Rich
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Starting scene:

Goldfish faked his death so his female, college student owners are giving him a toilet bowl funeral.

Goldfish name:


First (run on) sentences:

There are certain truths in life: People feel compelled to name their pet fish after a great white whale for mental masturbation in order to make themselves feel literary, human college students are quite possibly the dumbest creatures on the planet, and I am quite possible the biggest dick of a goldfish that has ever flapped his tail.
Posted by Isaac  on  10/28  at  10:45 PM

tequila wasn't his favorite drink, but on a dark and stormy night like this it would have to do.

Sammy looked up from where his head had been resting on the edge of the bar. The storm winds howled outside the dingy walls of the 100 year old bourbon street bar. It didn't look like power would be back on tonight and without power it was either hot beer or hot tequila.
Posted by joe  on  10/31  at  12:08 PM

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