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It’s Football Time InTennessee!

And the Vols are playing too!

I'll be spending the next 5 hours watching kids who play for the joy of it, not near adults who hope to make money off of it.

And my teams actually have a chance to win.

The Vols are a 7.5 point dog, with an over under of 51.5. That just goes to show how insane bookies are. That works out to a score of 29.5 for Florida to 22 for the Vols. Ignore the funky numbers for a second and just think about the idea of a John Chavis defense that gave up a zilllion yards to a third string quarterback holding a Heisman Trophy winner to 30 points or less.

Take the Gators and the over because friends, this one won't be pretty.


By the way, I am wearing Orange and pulling for the Vols. I am still a Vol fan; just a realistic one.
Posted by Rich
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