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Justice May be Blind,But She’s Still a Woman

So, what do you think a fair sentence would be if you were convicted of shooting a sleeping man in the back with a shotgun?

How does 210 days sound?

And she plans on suing to get custody of the kids.

Nap time must be hell in her house.

And before you jump on me about how cruel and heartless I am, let's look at a few things.

The day after the murder, she said nothing to the police about physical and sexual abuse. Instead she said,"My ugly came out." She went on to say,
"He was a mighty fine person, and that's the thing," she said.

"Just say, 'The lady was a moron, evil woman,' and let's go on with it. That's fine. ... That's my point of view."

After she shot him in the back,as he lay here dying, she wiped the blood from his mouth, and said she was sorry.

Yeah, he was a real monster alright.

By the way, Mary Winkler was caught up in a check fraud scheme that was about to blow up in her face.

Instead it blew up in her husband's back.
Posted by Rich
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Nice meeting you last night, Rich! Photos have been posted to my blog. smile
Posted by Tish  on  06/10  at  10:37 AM

210 days just doesn't seem to fit the crime to me. Lock this woman up and throw away the key!
Posted by Tish  on  06/10  at  08:59 PM

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