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K-Town Smackdown!

A few posts that caught my eye today:
  • Uncle takes Mr. Neal to the woodshed:

    R. Neal on the guns in bars bill:

    Yes, that’s just what we need. More yahoos with more guns in more places.

    Yes, because everyone with a permit to lawfully carry a firearm is a yahoo. Been writing Obama’s stuff?

    Anyway, most of our neighbor states have such a provision and no increase in violence at restaurants has been reported.

    Note carefully that after the smackdown that Uncle includes a factual statement based in reality rather than hyperbole. It's called "making an argument," a technique folks like Mr. Neal generally underutilize.

  • Les Jones Word of the Day Post is simply a classic:

    WORM: What Obama Really Meant.

    Found at a Talkleft discussion of Barack Cougar Mellencamp Obama's Pennsylvania gaffe.

    Incidentally, for those who thought my "breakdancing John McCain" post yesterday went a bit too far, read what Mr. Obama had to say about small town voters again.
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