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Keeping Our Ports Safe by Banning Online Poker

Mr. Frist, you will never be elected President. I'll campaign for your opposition, whoever it may be. Heck, I'd even vote for Hillary Clinton over you. I know what to expect from her.

Listen you no-good sneak thief. If you want to stop internet gambling, then do it in a straight up fight. Take your nanny state bill and send it to the floor of the Senate on its own, not attached to a ompletely unrelated bill that you know will pass. That's an act of desperation; you knew you couldn't get it passed any other way so you had to sneak it in under cover of night.

Is that how you represent the people? By sneaking legislation past them? Is that how you plan to serve as President? Forcing your will on the people by whatever means necessary? The only ting you truly represent is everything that's wrong with American politics.

You're a dangerous man, Mr. Frist. You've decided that your opinions matter more than the people you are supposed to represent. That makes you unfit to serve as President. The good news is that we won't have to deal with you for much longer. Ford or Corker will take your Senate seat, you'll vanish in the Presidential primaries, and soon you'll be remembered in Tennessee politics in the same breath with Don Sundquist.

An appropriate legacy.
Posted by Rich
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This is not the first time he has snuck something in at the last minute.

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Posted by Cathy  on  10/05  at  07:00 PM

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