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Larry the Cable Guy’s Secret Sex Tape

OK, not really, but the truth is even worse.

Here's a clip of Dan Whitney, the man who would become Larry, before he decided to mock all things redneck for fun and profit.

I feel like I just told my kids there's no Santa Claus.
Posted by Rich
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I must say I like him much better as Larry...this guy is a nerdy looking dude!

I gave you a link over from The Silverbacks.
Posted by Mushy  on  03/29  at  12:49 PM

I have had more fun watching a toilet flush!
Posted by HJP  on  03/29  at  01:18 PM

I almost couldn't believe it was him until I heard the line about the plunger at 5:41.
Posted by Frank Murphy  on  03/29  at  09:07 PM

That was his Jay Leno impersonation right?
Posted by Doug McCaughan  on  04/01  at  03:46 PM

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