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Law and Order: East Tennessee Style

Donk Donk

In a story ripped from the headlines, a criminal court judge presides over the trial of a the woman accused of killing her second husband. In a bizarre twist that could only be true in Hollywood, the woman is suspected of also killing her first husband, the former District Attorney General, an act that propelled the sitting judge to his current position. Coincidentally, the death of the former DAG resulted in the current DAG, a man who ran against the former and lost,being awarded his position by the governor.

During the trial, the judge is abusing alcohol and prescription pills, causing his staff to cover up for him and reschedule trials for days when he is sober. The trial ends in a hung jury.

In the meantime, the woman is charged with the murder of her first husband as well, and the judge makes sure he gets that case as well, then proceeds to block all motions favorable to the prosecution, including exhumation of the body for forensic examination.

The episode closes with the judge in retirement on a full pension, the woman being convicted of murdering her second husband, but charges dropped on the first, and the first conviction in danger of being overturned based on the inebriation of the judge.

You know, Hollywood would never buy this story. It's too unbelievable.

Donk Donk
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If this woman could find and afford a great criminal defense attorney then there is a great chance that her criminal case will again end in her favor. The violations showed by the judge is one good reason to escape the trouble. But too bad for the victims.
Posted by California Criminal Defense Attorney  on  03/09  at  05:07 AM

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